Giovanni’s Mediterranean & Italian Cuisine menu in Dallas, Texas, USA

Tried this place for the 1st time. There was live music and it was really nice!
Tried their hummus and pita. Different than others but in a good way! Very light and subtle taste with roasted pita. In vegetarian their Eggplant Parmesan is REALLY GOOD goes really well with their light weight and crispy garlic bread!
In non vegetarian their Pomegranate & Walnut Stew (with tender chicken pieces and saffron rice) is OUTSTANDING!! Even vegetarians can order that without chicken! Never had anything like that before. Its Persian recipe, totally loved it!!
Portion size is decent enough to fill you in and like us you may end up to go the leftover.
In Desserts, tried their baklava. Its also good! With that dont miss on their Hot Tea. Its so aromatic, refreshing and one of the BEST tea i have had so far!
They have belly dance also on Saturday evenings after live music!
A MUST try place!