Girafe | Paris by Mouth

A scenester address with decent seafood and an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower. Service is slack, it’s nearly impossible to book, and it’s expensive. If you’re somehow able to get a reservation (these are rarely available online and they almost never answer the phone) go for the view and not the food.

1, Place du Trocadéro, 75016
Open every day for lunch & dinner.
Reservations online (nearly impossible) or at +33 1 40 62 70 61


Patricia Wells (2018) reports that service can be a little slow on the 200-seat terrasse, but that “the entire experience is impressive.” Her favorite dish is the ravioles de langoustines “with its soft, welcoming pasta floating in a full-flavored mushroom and green curry sauce. I could eat that once a week!”

Le Fooding (2018) says “The incredible views of the Eiffel Tower would have sufficed” but Girafe goes the extra mile with extravagant decor and “delicate” cooking from Benoît Dargère (ex-Arpège).

Architectural Digest (2018) profiles designer Joseph Dirand’s marble-heavy interior.

Photo of the outdoor terrasse at Girafe courtesy of their Facebook page