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Worst Insurance company ever; you get what you pay for. I found this company while doing an online search and the quote was very low while offering full coverage. The chat feature is nice, when it’s actually working and when they respond. Got into a hit-and-run and my car had to be towed off by local police. Then had to get it towed to a body shop; all out of my own pocket first. Finally, my claim was given to an adjuster, ********, who works for the third-party insurance claim department, ********* ******** was great, always responding to emails, calls, and even texts. I only have an issue with ******** and Go Auto with the fact I had to pay for everything up front and then file a claim to get reimbursed for everything. Which I am still waiting for things to get approved due to IT issues and them having the wrong address. Once It was deemed a total loss I began looking for a new car to purchase I had the car picked out and knew I would need insurance so I was going to keep Go Auto for the time being just so I had active insurance while doing paperwork for the new; open the app and see “Expired”. I immediately reach out to online chat and the online broker and was informed that Go Auto no longer operates in VA so my insurance was canceled. No email, no chat, no phone call to let me, the customer, know that the insurance had been canceled.