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GOAT is BEP-20 protocol token that aims to acknowledge and showcase the effort and enthusiasm of the Greatest of All Time talented athletes, actors, award-winning musicians and exceptional individuals from all works of life who have enviable and rare talents that have entertained or reshaped the world we know over the decades. It gives a decentralized power to its community of users to create memes and other digital items that can be put up for sale or transferred between them.

In recent times, the GOAT project has expanded its ecosystem to include a Play-2-Earn RPG gaming protocol as well as a beautiful metaverse named after some of the legends who reshaped the world we know today through their craftsmanship. The metaverse will have only 10,000 residential plots and another 1000 commercial plots in the CBD area shared into 20 colonies which will house luxury businesses and residential structures.

GOAT Coin is a project aimed at changing the status quo of what sort of NFTs people own in one marketplace at a time. The GOAT marketplace will bring forth the next generation of purposeful digital arts as applicable to a person of importance. Every single artwork shall be the making of a digital piece of art made of different GOATs, could be a movie or music star, sports star, politician, public figure, or any accomplished individual in various spheres of human endeavor. Our platform is a freelance gateway between digital art creators, gaming enthusiasts, and NFT collectors.