Golf Courses and Resorts in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida


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Golf Courses and Resorts in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida

Photo of Greenlinks/Lely Resort, Naples
Photo of Greenlinks/Lely Resort, Naples

Photo Courtesy of Greenlinks/Lely Resort, Naples

Planning a Fort Myers golf vacation? Maybe the best choice you could make would be to head to Fort Myers, part of the greater Naples area of Southwest Florida, (as are most of the golf courses). Why there" You may well ask, and I can give you a hundred and one good reasons: here are just a few.1, Fort Myers is one of my personal favorite golf destinations. 2, and this one I especially like: I can play the year-round. 3, the golf courses are all open for play the year-round. 4, In the summer season, May through October, rarely are any of them very busy thus you can pick your tee time knowing you'll be able to enjoy a leisurely round. 5, Better yet, many of Fort Myers' private golf clubs open their facilities for public play. This provides visiting golfers a rare treat indeed. 6, and this one is probably the most important: the weather is almost always grand.

Average Monthly Temperatures:

Jan – 63; Feb – 64; Mar – 69; Apr – 73; May – 78; Jun – 81; Jul – 82; Aug – 83; Sep – 82; Oct – 77; Nov – 70; Dec – 65; Average Mean Temp – 74.4

Ah, but where will I play? You may well ask. There are a couple of dozen really good choices. Here are the one I like best, my recommendations for a Fort Myers golf vacation:

Here are My Suggestions Where to Play Golf in Fort Myers

  • Arrowhead Golf Club, Naples
  • Eagle Lakes Golf Course, Naples
  • Forest Glen Golf & Country Club, Naples
  • Gasparrila Inn Golf Course, Boca Grande
  • Hammock Bay Golf Course, Naples
  • Heritage Bay Golf Course, Naples
  • Hibiscus Golf Club, Naples
  • LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort
  • The Greenlinks/Lely Resort, Naples
  • Pelican Preserve Golf Club, Fort Myers
  • Shell Point Golf Club, Fort Myers