Golf Fees in the Bahamas

Taking some time off from your busy work and spending it on your favorite hobby is probably the best gift that you can give to yourself. You know how much it takes to earn money-working overtime, under pressure, and sometimes neglecting significant events such as your birthday or your wedding anniversary. You will eventually appreciate your hard work if you know how to take some time off and spend it with your favorite hobby-whether camping and water skiing in the great lakes of good old USA or fishing on the nearby pond. It provides enjoyment as well as relaxation for the next several days before going back to your busy work once again.

Probably one of your favorite pastimes during weekends is playing golf with the rest of your friends. Taking a tee and landing an ‘eagle’ will really put a smile on your face and laughter on the air.

Hey, is it a good idea to take a week off and enjoy golfing on the beautiful country of the Bahamas? The excellent championship courses make the Bahamas one of the exciting golfing destinations, whether you are a beginner or you are a golf enthusiast for several years now. Aside from the green golfing courses of the country, the clear blue skies make a perfect condition to hit some fantastic rounds of golf.

Golf became one of the attractions in the Bahamas after the construction of the Cable Beach Golf Club at Nassau in the 1920s. Such beach golf club is exclusive for rich American families who frequently spend their vacation on the island. The next 30 to 40 years is vital in the development of several golf courses across the island. It is now the home of numerous golf courses, with some of them rated to be ‘golf championship courses’.

If you will visit The Bahamas for your golfing vacation, you will find a wide variety of golf courses, ranging from beginners to more experienced golf players. Golf fees depend on the season and on the location. There are many courses attached to resorts, and every golfer is advised to check with the course of their choice for applicable information and set up a tee time in advance to be accommodated, especially during peak seasons.

As previously mentioned, golf fees varies from season and on the location. Here are some of the popular golf courses in The Bahamas with their corresponding ‘green fees’:

1) Treasure Cay Golf Course- located at Abaco, Treasure Cay Golf Course has a total of 6,985 yards from the blue tees and comes with 66 strategically-placed sand bunkers. It provides an excellent challenge for golfers because of its tight fairways, ocean winds, and unique layout that will make you ponder every club selection. Unlimited golf fees usually starts at $60, exclusive of other golf packages.

2) Bahamas Princess Emerald and Ruby Golf Courses- it has 18 holes, par-72.5 bunkers per hole, and water on 11 holes. In addition, the 9th hole in the Emerald course takes the honor as the toughest hole on the whole island. Why? See it for yourself. Unlimited green fees and 18-hole cart starts as $62.

3) Fortune Hills Golf and Country Club- it is a 9-hole championship golf course built in 1971. It is considered to be the centerpiece of an elegant golf and country club community setting. The design provides challenging holes due to some elevated greens. Golf fees for this course starts from $51 for the 9-hole and additional $35 with caddy and cart. The club rental for 18 holes is at $15 with 10.5 percent off if you have condominium rentals.

You will not just enjoy your golfing vacation at the Bahamas. You will be able to save substantial amounts of money from traveling to far places in search for a world-class golf course. The Bahamas got it, in a price not too heavy on your pockets.