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Ireland is a golfer's paradise, with world-class courses in spectacular locations.

As the sunny days approach, you will enjoy exploring the Irish countryside and discovering its many legendary golf courses.

From links to parklands, from morning fogs to iridescent sunbeams, from short grass to thick rough, here you will savor the pleasures of old-fashioned nature golf and you will enjoy walking these kilometers of fairways steeped in history, these demanding, exciting and relentless golf courses.

Les Links, the pleasure of sea winds in the middle of majestic dunes. At the top of the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic or the Celtic Sea, these courses designed by nature have received their sporting character from the hands of man. They are a real challenge for the golfer.

The Parklands, these inland golf courses seem to blend into the surrounding nature, in the shadow of medieval castles. Winding streams, drumlins (rounded hills, vestiges of the ice age), lakes are as much pleasures for the eyes as they are challenges for the mind.

Most of Ireland's courses, especially the 'links', are open all year round. However, the courses are in optimal condition and the climate is best suited for playing golf from April to October. In summer, daylight hours can be up to 22 p.m., making it easy to do two games and take the time to enjoy a good lunch in one day.