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When it comes to golf courses for sale, we give every client a “white-glove” service by taking an institutional-grade approach to the underwriting, packaging, and marketing process. Each golf advisor works with an out-of-state broker (when applicable) to pre-qualify buyers – this limits property tours for only serious buyers, which saves you headaches and fewer disruptions on the property. Our ~50-page Offering Memorandums (OM) further show buyers historical financial data, margins, return metrics and a comprehensive business plan (i.e. path to continue growing or improve the property) that will suggest the buyer put their best foot forward when submitting an offer. 

Our golf-specific Letter of Intent (LOI) helps save you money in attorney fees, as well as achieve a quicker close than our competitors. With the ability to start Due Diligence from LOI (compared to starting from a fully executed contract), we cut the closing time by 60-90 days for a close that is nearly half the time of our competitors.