Golf — Sand Valley

Course Conditions

Firm and Fast

The golf courses at Sand Valley feature fescue grass in our fairways and “rough” hazards and bent grass on our greens. These are types of grass that provide firm and fast playing conditions that mimic the playing conditions at links courses in Scotland and Ireland, where the game began.

Brown is Beautiful

At Sand Valley, you will find tawny brown/green fairways and greens as a reflection of our firm and fast conditions. We believe the faded green turf on our golf courses presents the most enjoyable form of links golf.

What Does this Mean for You?

While every player chooses to play differently, playing on firm and fast playing conditions generally forces the player to use the “ground game” (putters from off the green, bump and runs with a lower iron, etc.) to his or her advantage instead of trying to use lofted wedges to try to control the ball through loft and spin. The firmer playing conditions mean your ball will generally roll out much farther than you might be used to and that it can be harder to pick the ball clean from the fairway.

A Quick Tip: Links Golf 101

When in doubt from just off the green, when choosing between a lofted wedge and a putter, go with the putter!