Golfing At Walt Disney World : Everything You Need To Know

Alongside all of the wonderful things to do at the Disney World parks, a lot of people ask us about golfing at Walt Disney World. Golf legends have played here and the challenge and serenity of playing golf at Disney World is on par with some of the best courses in the world. These courses are owned and operated by the Arnold Palmer Golf Management Group, so if you are a golf fanatic you are really going to love golfing at Disney World.

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Disney World Golf Courses

You may not know, but there are four courses on property. Three of which are in one location on the same property of Shades Of Green resort. These three golf courses are really amazing and one of them is actually a nine-hole walking course. These include the Disney Palm course, the Magnolia course, as well as the Oak Trail course. Then there’s also the 9 hole walking course over at Lake Buena Vista Golf Club.

The costs to play at any of these courses vary from month to month so you want to make sure and call ahead to check the current pricing.

Fountain at Disney's Palm Golf Course at Walt Disney World

Disney Palm Golf Course

The Disney Palm Course is rather tough because with almost every hole you are going to be dealing with water. It’s definitely a fun course and you need to keep the pace moving so I wouldn’t consider this the best course for beginners. You have four and a half hours to play 18 holes. If you are playing 9 holes it’s a little over 2 hours.

This is a championship golf course, so it is regularly being used for those tours. Just remember that if you can’t get a tee time here there may be a tournament going on that day. They have a snack cart that accepts credit cards that go around offering snacks and alcoholic beverages as well.

This is a really beautiful course with views of Disney’s Grand Floridian and the Polynesian Resort as well.

Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course

Oak Trail is the nine-hole walking course that I mentioned before. Another thing featured here is a full Pro Shop, so whether you need golfing gloves, visors, balls, tees, or even those Disney golfing shirts they have them here at the Pro Shop. This is the bigger of the two because there is another one featured at the other golf course. There is also a practice putting green where you can do some chipping as well.

Speaking of chipping there is a Chip n’ Dales Deli, which is kind of a counter service or snack bar if you want some nice snacks or a cold beer while you’re enjoying a nice afternoon of golf. Again this course also offers the snack cart that drives around offering snacks and beverages while you are out on the course.

chip n dales counter service

Something fun that they offer is FootGolf which is basically like soccer and all you have to do is kick the ball. Which is great for families with small children. I’ve also learned that a lot of companies use this as a team-building activity which is a lot more fun than just sitting in a boardroom.

They are open early in the morning at 6 a.m. and go into the evening around 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. depending on the season. They have multiple driving ranges which they actually change some of the range markers on. So if you’re there for a prolonged time you can change up your game and test your skill. The courses here are both par 4 & par 5 there are also golf cart rentals if you don’t wish to walk but they also have that oak trail 9 hole walking course if you want a shorter game of golf in your morning.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course

If you want to test your skill well the Magnolia golf course here at Walt Disney World was actually featured for a master’s championship where Tiger Woods actually played. So if you want to play the same course Tiger Woods did then be sure to check out the Magnolia course.

Whether you’re looking for a full game, golf driving ranges, or just a putting green then head on over to the Palms Golf Complex over by the Shades Of Green resort. It’s kind of nestled next to Magic Kingdom if you are looking for it on a map.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course also offers a snack cart that drives around throughout the day offering snacks and beverages to guests.

disney world golfingPhoto Credit: Disney

Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course

The last golf course to talk about is over at the Lake Buena Vista Golf Club. One cool feature of this Golf Resort is that it actually has a boat launch that takes you over to Disney Springs. They also have a snack bar as well as a Pro Shop, however, this Pro Shop is much smaller and doesn’t feature as many items to purchase. But you can still get your golfing essentials here, that way you can get your gear and get ready or another fun day of golf at Disney.

A unique feature of this course is that it does have some beautiful overlooks of Disney Springs so whether you’re on the putting green or the driving range look up to the sky and you might see that hot air balloon from time to time. Another unique feature of this course is that it actually has a water driving range so you can try to hit your balls over the lake and onto the island.


The tranquility of golf mixed with the peaceful landscapes of Disney really makes for some special moments and for a really unique golf experience. So next time you’re at Walt Disney World think about playing the Walt Disney World courses whether you’re with your family or on a business trip or convention.

If you would like more information about all of the golf offerings at Disney World then check out the Disney Golf Courses Page for more information. As always, feel free to reach out if you have more questions and have a magical day!