Good Names for a New Company

When you are starting a new company, one important part of your marketing plan and the development of your company is coming up with a good name. Your company name needs to be something that customers will remember and be able to identify with the kind of product or service that you offer. A good name for your new company can be an effective marketing element.

Names With Meaning

For your company name to be effective it should have some meaning that ties in with your industry or niche. If you are opening a retail store that is looking to gain an upscale clientele, then you may want to include phrases such as “fine merchandise,” “quality goods” or “imports” in your company name to help imply the upscale image. A computer reseller may want to emphasize that he sells service along with equipment. In that case phrases associated with service can be incorporated into the name to clarify what the company offers. Examples include

  • John’s Computer Service
  • John’s Computer and Services
  • John’s Computer Networks
  • John’s Hardware & Support

Family Business Names

Some entrepreneurs start a business partly to leave as a legacy to their children. A successful family business becomes a source of pride to the owners and they may want to include the family name in the business. There are words and phrases that can be added to the family name to imply that the company has been in the family for generations. Adding the phrases “and sons,” “family” or “generations” can imply a business that has been in a family for a while. If the McCormack family owned a retail clothing store then some name suggestions would be:

  • McCormack and Sons Clothing Store
  • McCormack Family Clothing  
  • McCormack Generations Clothing
  • McCormack Clan Clothing
  • McClothing

The last example is obviously not the family name, but is a play on the family name and what the business sells. Similarly, the company name Pixar was created by combining the word “pixel” with the first two initials of one of the company founders, Alvy Ray Smith.

If you don’t like your name, you can also consider using a nickname, or the name of one of your children. Mercedes and Wendy’s, for example, were both named after the founders’ daughters.

Location-Based Names

One of the ways you can help customers remember your new business is to put the address right in the business name. A commercial cleaning company located at One Main Street in Buffalo, New York, could chose from names such as:

  • One Main Street Cleaners
  • Main Street Cleaners
  • Buffalo Main Street Cleaning Company 
  • The Main Street Cleaning Corporation
  • Buffalo Cleaning Corporation
  • One Main Street

The drawback to the last name suggestion is that it does not convey an image of the kind of business the company does, but it is a unique name that will be memorable to customers. As well, “One Main Street Cleaners” may imply street cleaning.

By using a more general name such as “Buffalo Cleaning Corporation” you would not have to worry about the possibility of changing the name if you had to move the company.

As with any name, it’s important to ensure that nobody else is using the name already. A quick search on Google with the name in quotation marks will tell if the name is likely going to be available or not before you register it. You should also ensure that you can use your name, or a variation of it, as a website name before making your final decision.