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I was hit broadside by a driver in a vehicle insured by Good2go Insurance as I drove thru a parking lot shared by Costco and Home Depot (a private lot) in Huntsville, Al. June 5, 2020. The other driver admitted freely it was her fault. HPD let me know that I was on my own. I should share insurance information with the driver who hit me. After contacting my company (Geico) they said it would be to my advantage to file a claim against the other drivers company. They assured me they would help if need be. So I began calling. It took me nearly 3 hours and calls to numerous 888 numbers just to contact the company to enter a claim. Eventually I was given a file number and an adjuster’s name and told the adjuster would contact me within 72 hours. This never happened. After numerous calls and messages left, I was given the name of my insurance adjuster’s supervisor (more voice mail with no response). On June 16, 2020 (11 days later) I called the Good2go adjusters number one more time and finally got thru. I have never been ignored so completely by an insurance provider ever before. In conversation with the adjuster I treated to excuses. Good2go’s system had been down. She had never received voice mail. She hadn’t received the information. Somehow, later in our conversation she suddenly commented that my claim against their driver was under investigation and most likely would be denied. The call was confusing to say the least. This company is uncooperative and nearly impossible to get thru to. The actual policy holder admitted on June 17, 2020 that it had even taken HER until June 16, 2020 just to REACH a human being at her own insurance provider. Each time I have called (Good2go) I have been told by a recorded message that wait times are excessive (each time I was 12th in the que awaiting a customer serve rep). I never received a call back. At one point, I actually waited on hold for an hour and seven minutes and 36 seconds before hanging up. Good2go’s on hold message said that if I hung up I would retain my position in line. But I never received a call back. Today (June 17, 2020) when I called with questions again I got another recorded message. This time it informed me, the voice mail for the insurance adjuster with Good2go was full. Goodbye! In my opinion, Good2go Insurance does not show any regard for clients or claimants concerns. Good2go’s lack of attention seems to signal that anyone with questions or needing to register a claim should give up and just go away. Good2go does not respond quickly, in good faith or in a very transparent manor. They are uncooperative, seem shady at best, lack integrity and do not treat the general public respectfully. Good2go policy holders are basically given the greenlight to drive when they pay a minimal fee for a card that claims they have insurance coverage if they are ever pulled over by the Police (a proof of insurance card). When it is time for Good2go to step up and offer assistance, they are evasive and show zero integrity. Could this be an insurance grab? It is my opinion that they should be more thoroughly scrutinized. Good2go is certainly not deserving of an A rating with an organization that claims accredited businesses are businesses that can be trusted.