Goosehead Insurance vs. Renegade Insurance: Which is Better for Agents?

TLTR: In this article, we have reviewed Goosehead Insurance franchise and Renegade Insurance in terms of insurance franchise fees, models, benefits, and more.

Independent insurance agency models are continuously changing as a result of large competition and diverse businesses vying for the same pool of clients. In this age, you can’t succeed just by doing things the old way. You also need a robust support system to help you genuinely grow yourself and your book of business.

Multiple agency models exist, but agents don’t always know what will help them best. Here we’ll be taking a look at two such agency ownership opportunities, namely Goosehead and Renegade Insurance.

Goosehead Insurance franchise and Renegade Insurance’s (formerly Covered by SAGE) plug-and-play model both allow captive agents to transform into independent agents in the insurance market.