Gordon Ramsay At Vasi’s Restaurant And Bar For 24 Hours To Hell And Back – Chew Boom

On tonight’s episode of Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back, Gordon Ramsay and his crew are in Waterbury, Conn. to try to save Vasi’s Restaurant and Bar.


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Vasi’s Restaurant and Bar is a family-run eatery that features Italian dishes with a Greek influence. The restaurant is owned by Vasilios Kaloidis. The Executive Chef is Valerie Albini.

Tonight’s episode was filmed back in October 2018. As part of the makeover, Ramsey renamed the restaurant Vasi’s Taverna in honor of the owner’s Greek roots. The restaurant now features broader array of Mediterranean cuisine.

The following message appeared on the restaurant’s Facebook page shortly after Ramsey’s intervention:

“Vasi’s Restaurant and Bar is now Vasi’s Taverna! We are excited about this new venture and are thankful to Gordon Ramsey and his crew for everything they did. We are continuing the transition and will be making additional changes over the next few weeks. Until this transition is complete, we will be operating with a limited menu. We expect to release a new and exciting full menu within the next few weeks.

We greatly appreciate the love and support you have shown us over the last 16 years and look forward to a great new future!”

A Closer Look

Google Street View of Vasi’s

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