Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back Recap 01/16/19: Season 2 Episode 3 “Vasi’s Restaurant and Bar”

Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back Recap 01/16/19: Season 2 Episode 3 "Vasi's Restaurant and Bar"

Tonight on FOX their Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back airs with an all-new Wednesday, January 16, 2019, season 2 episode 3 and we have your Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back recap below. On tonight’s Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back season 2 episode 3 episode called, “Gordon Ramsay’s “Hell On Wheels” travels to Vasi’s, a family-owned Italian restaurant located in Waterbury, Conn.

After intense investigation and surveillance, Chef Ramsay and his team discover a disconnect between the restaurant’s owner and head chef that’s inhibiting any updates the restaurant may need. Ramsay will try to bring this failing restaurant back from the brink of disaster—all in just 24 hours.”

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Tonight, Gordon Ramsay and his crew visit Vasi’s Restaurant & Bar, a Greek Restaurant in Waterbury, Connecticut. Vasi is the owner of the restaurant, revealing his parents opened 5 restaurants when they came from Greece, with his mother, Toula still running “Spartan Restaurant & Bar”. He started this bar in 2002 but everything changed in 2008 when his father passed away. Val is the chef and everyone feels she is the best in the city, fondly called “Mama” but she can only do so much, missing being able to do her own stuff.

Toula admits that Vasi is very stubborn. Lauren is Vasi’s wife, who works outside of the restaurant but it is clear it is failing with Toula constantly helping them out. He has gained almost 100 lbs in the past couple of years and a really bad panic attack which they worried was a heart attack. Lauren tears up as she talks about their 2 ½ yr old twins. Tasi says they are about half a million dollars in the hole and if no help arrives, they will have to close within the next few months.

Gordon blends in, with a beard and wig. He talks about how the décor is terrible and it looks like a funeral home. He doesn’t understand how they would have French Onion soup in an Italian restaurant. Gordon and his team order classic dishes. The calamari is rubbery and tastes old; the food is terrible and there is zero passion and energy. Next, they are served rancid shrimp and rotten clams. He has seen enough and removes his disguise.

Everyone is shocked as Gordon Ramsay returns to the restaurant; he asks everyone to stop eating. He goes into the kitchen and asks them to all come into the dining room. He asks Val to shut off the gas, but she asks him if he wants to double check and he calls her a “smart ass”. Val immediately walks out of the room and tells him to f**k off as she doesn’t do reality TV shows. He makes it clear that he knows she knows how to cook and isn’t there to bash her. She agrees to make the changes with him, walking back into the room with him.

Vasi calls his mother over to join them as Gordon says she has an amazing reputation in this town. Vasi quickly blames a hard time. Vasi says the menu is boring, and if it continues with this menu she will leave. Toula defends Val, saying she brings new menus but he won’t accept it. Gordon calls out Vasi, saying if he gives up it affects everyone. The restaurant is closed and asks them all to follow him to the Hell on Wheels.

Everyone watches the video revealing disrespectful and self-centered staff, with Vasi swearing at staff. Val continues to lick and dip her fingers into the food while another chef drops food on the floor and picks it up, using it anyways. They see frozen fish and fruit flies everywhere; rotten food as well. Jenn who has been there for 3 years is emotional, which Gordon respects but feels the owner doesn’t give a crap. Vasi says he got tired but Gordon doesn’t feel the passion and asks the customers to come back in 24 hours as his team is already renovating the restaurant. The clock officially starts now.

Vasi’s team has called their loved ones saying they won’t be home for 24 hours. Meanwhile, Gordon sits with the staff as Val hates 99% of the menu as Vasi continues to deny knowing this. Joelle works in Toula’s restaurant and it flows because she puts her heart into it; but feels Vasi used to care. Gordon confronts Toula, saying she is enabling him, learning that Vasi owes her close to $250,000. He denies being ashamed for beating a dead horse.

Vasi argues with Gordon asking him if he is going to fix this or what. Gordon says he will never kiss his ass and frankly doesn’t even want to help this. Vasi admits it is not like he is sucking his mother dry. Joelle tells Vasi to listen to Gordon.

The clock is ticking and Gordon checks on the renovations as Brian says they are using greens and blues, making the room pop. Gordon goes to talk to Lauren to see how he can get through to Vasi. She hates how this is affecting Toula, especially now that she has her own children. She believes the only joy Vasi has right now is the kids and being a dad. She reveals she went back to work because if something happens to Vasi, she is all by herself and needs the benefits. He hugs her and thanks her for coming.

Gordon goes to the kitchen and shows Vasi and Val that the food is not going to make the dining room full. Val knows that if shellfish is open, it is dead and shouldn’t be used. Val says Vasi isn’t listening to her and she has no say, even though she is qualified. Gordon walks into the fridge as Val says she is done and needs time. Gordon walks out to learn Val left again as she shouts that she is leaving because he won’t listen and she is done. Vasi is the one who has handcuffed her but she can’t fix this by herself; Gordon shouts they cannot do this without her. There are 21 hours left on the clock.

Vasi sits with her in the car, saying she is like a sister to him. He apologizes for everything as the restaurant depends on her. He laughs that they should just sit in the car as he doesn’t want to go in there. Gordon is worried about Val and needs to keep the renovations on track. Brian is hesitant but feels they can do it.

Val comes to Hell on Wheels with Gordon hoping she will get excited about cooking again. He hugs her as she says she is nervous and intimidating. He reveals every staff member loves her and has more respect for her than Vasi, the owner. Gordon wants to infuse Greek heritage with Italian influence as he shows her the new menu and how he properly cooks the dishes. He encourages her, saying he loves seeing her cook. She says this is how she used to cook, but forgot that was how she was. Gordon, for the first time, wants her to come up with her own dish at the relaunch. He doesn’t care what it is, just from chef to chef. Gordon believes they have Val back on board but now the concern is Vasi.

Vasi says he is pissed as he doesn’t like other men getting in his face; he doesn’t like being disrespected. Gordon says everything he said was not disrespectful, just telling him the truth, demanding Vasi to stop being in denial. Vasi walks out of the kitchen as Gordon asks if that hurts his feelings? There is 18:48 hours left!

Gordon sits with Toula, not wanting her to open her wallet to him anymore. Toula says Vasi losing his father is what destroyed him, even though 10 years have passed Vasi hasn’t let it go. Gordon believes if his father was alive he would never have given Vasi this kind of money. She promises to not write any more checks. Gordon feels without the financial net, Vasi will be forced to put his head in the game.

With 10:41 hours to go, Val is able to make all the dishes. She trains a cook, Jonathan on the new menu, hoping she will remember everything when the time comes. Gordon returns as Mary says it went a little slow but now that Val is making her own dish she is feeling more confident and he hopes Val and Jonathan are on the same page.

Vasi wishes it didn’t go down like this, as Gordon says he has so much support it is ridiculous. Vasi admits he sees how he is hurting everyone, but when his father passed away he just let himself go. Gordon reminds him that was 10 years ago and instead of sliding he needs to climb and build the business up; Vasi agrees. Vasi and his staff go home to prepare for dinner service as they continue with the renovations.

Gordon shows Val the new kitchen equipment; she is very thankful as Gordon says he can’t wait to taste her special. There is half an hour to relaunch as Toula and the staff return, amazed at how the restaurant has been converted. Vasi loves it as Toula hugs her son, as they tear up where there are photos of his father and family. Toula is more than happy as Gordon encourages Vasi to be hands-on and fall back in love with the restaurant.

Gordon returns to the kitchen to taste Val’s dish, saying it is delicious asking everyone to taste it. He tells them they have 3 minutes left to open and Gordon stands with Vasi outside, greeting the customers, counting down the last 10 seconds together. Gordon goes into the kitchen, informing Val to watch out for table 3 as the woman is a prolific food critic and blogger. Jonathan is slow and Gordon is concerned that they are on 30 minute ticket time and nothing has come out of the kitchen. He encourages Vasi to push them as well. Val starts demanding answers from Jonathan who remains completely quiet.

He finally says 2 minutes as Gordon tells Vasi his name is above that door. He needs the food for table 7, delivering it himself. He begins calling out the tickets and taking control of the kitchen. Gordon checks the dining room and everyone is enjoying their food. Vasi has finally stepped out of his dad’s shadow and is leading his team to success. The critic’s table comes up and Vasi personally delivers it; entrees are flying out as everyone is communicating in the kitchen.

Val smiles as Gordon says the dining room is electric and wants her and Jonathan to step out. She gets very excited about cooking again. He tells her how grateful he is for her and says she doesn’t need him anymore. She begs for him not to go, but he reminds her that she is ready. Lauren arrives with the kids and Toula. Everyone feels it is remarkable how Vasi has changed. Chef Ramsay sits with Lauren and Toula saying Vasi is carving his own identity and finding his own place on the map.

Gordon leaves, saying this marks the turning point for Vasi’s and for the first time in 16 years Vasi has fallen in love with his restaurant. Vasi calls Chef Ramsay 3 months later, saying everyone still loves the concept, his relationship with Val is great (sometimes). Val says they had a few bumps in the road but they are working positively again. Vasi has lost 30lbs as he thanks Gordon for everything he has done.


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