Grandma’s Saloon & Grill Gluten-Free – Duluth – 2022

The gluten free menu was very small when we visited. The staff explained that something was going on in the kitchen and that they normally have more options. But the experience for Duluth was a pleasant surprise. My husband asked for a gluten free menu and when our waitress got to our table she asked if it was an allergy or Celiac? My husband responded “Celiac”. She wrote it down and said she would make sure the kitchen was aware of it. He had a Turkey club sandwhich and a salad. I had bets that the salad would arrive with croutons or a bread stick, but it arrived without either. He did not have a reaction, though his reaction to gluten as far as we know is not severe just so you are aware. But at least the staff is made aware of Celiac.