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It’s a good class, I’m happy I signed up! Justine makes learning Photoshop fun and is a very good and effective teacher. She is helpful and responsive to questions and made this learning experience very positive.

Alan Ho

This is a thoughtfully organized, well paced and delivered, practical course—a sort of ‘finishing school’ for the graphic designer.

Dorcas Gelabert

American Thoracic Society

Already working in the graphic design industry, this class was a great refresher course and helped me to remember why I chose to pursue graphic design as a career.

Kristine Seubert

Sherman Specialty

I have been inefficiently fooling around with Photoshop, usually feeling intimidated by the program, for years. In just three days, I have learned to edit my photos with confidence. Noble Desktop rocks. Now I am ready to tackle Illustrator…

Michelle Ganon

I was worried coming into the class about being left behind in the instruction as design classes tend to be fast paced. The instructor, Michele, was extremely personable and patient; I especially liked the comfortable atmosphere of the classroom, and the overall flow of the class was very organized and professional. Clean presentation, great work materials.

Charles Mott

The Real Real

Illustrator was my third class at Noble, and they just get better and better. Michele is an excellent instructor; articulate, knowledgeable, and most important patient. Noble’s teaching method makes it easy to learn. I am sorry I waited so long to take the class. Thank you Noble and Michele!

Jill Korostoff

JakDesign, Inc

I knew InDesign was a program I would need help to understand. After this class, I don’t only understand it, I feel quite comfortable with it. I seriously cannot believe I learned so much in such little time!

Susana Piscitiello

The Bowery Mission

This class was very comprehensive for three days—I learned so much about Illustrator! The instructor was perfect: knowledgeable, attentive, and dynamic, delivering rather dry material with a sense of humor and fun. I’d recommend Noble Desktop courses to anyone.

Jennifer Clark

bark Frameworks

From now on, when I think of “creative/graphics” training, I’ll think of Noble. I loved the patience, knowledge, and professionalism of the instructor. I learned so much I feel I can now teach it 🙂 Can’t wait for my future classes.

Dani Weiden

Caliper Corp.

Noble Desktop has been there every step of my career, helping me to continuously develop new skills to keep pace and move ahead. I don’t know where I’d be professionally were it not for Noble!

Mat Patalano


Noble Desktop has an incredible plethora of design courses that they teach in depth and will really change any designers life. It’s also great to get a refresher and learn all of the new updates in any design or web related program. Thank you!

Treeva Royes

Kate Spade New York

Noble Desktop is by far one of the best, if not the best experience I have had in a classroom learning environment for Adobe Creative Suite. Their teaching method of observing then doing is the most effective way in learning a computer software program.

Jason Williams

Highly recommended!!! If you don’t know anything about the Adobe apps or if you want to master your skills, this is the right place to do so.


A lot of information in a little bit of time, with a great booklet to reference!

Chrysti Cook

LimeLife by Alcone

Noble is a great place for learning new stuff. The instructors are very knowledgable, friendly and extremely helpful.

Kamilla Zakirbayeva

Real world assignments that strengthen your creativity.

Dianamarie Borrero

Great class, putting it into practice is the key – felt like I came away feeling clearer and more confident to use the program.

Jacinta Hayne

This class provided me with a lot of applicable knowledge. I am a graphic designer whose weakest program was InDesign. I was able to brush up on the basics while also learning a fair amount of more advanced techniques. I would love to take a Noble Desktop class in every category now!



The Adobe InDesign Bootcamp is a great way to pick up new skills in short time. If you’re interested in learning Adobe and graphic design skills without the rigors of academic classics at a university or college, this is a great place to come.

Nicole Siciliano

The InDesign class at Noble Desktop is really worthwhile. It gives you hands-on projects which you can continue to work on after the class, using the basic skills you’ve learned. It gears you up for a lifelong of learning with InDesign by teaching you the fundamentals of the software.

Sneha Shah

Alfred made each class very enjoyable. His energy and attitude made it easy to look forward to class each week. I recommend this course to anyone that is looking to learn more about Graphic Design.

Jack Smith

I had Eugenio for Photoshop and InDesign, he is very patient and knowledgeable. I had a lot of tools to take back to work.

Traci-lea Dixon

GFI Realty

Eugenio is very thorough in explaining the step-by-step process on everything. Whether it’s creating your own brush or gradient, he explains a few times and is eager for feedback and if anyone needs help.

Ashley Lateef

Adobe Illustrator is overwhelming with a lot of information and tools to master, but the instructor made sure everyone can follow and understand the concept before he moves on to the next topic. This is a great introduction to Illustrator and is open to all levels, from someone who has never used the software before to even professional designers.

Abigail Butalid

Group X

Noble Desktop is a wonderful resource for aspiring graphic designers. I would recommend the immersive certificate course to anyone who is looking to brush up on their Adobe Creative Cloud skills and get a jumpstart on compiling a portfolio.

Anna Otis

Fabulous intensive technical class showing the ins and outs of InDesign. The instructor was super informative, was great at keeping everyone involved and interested and most importantly had a lot of patience. The workbook that we got to take home at the end was very helpful.

Sari Mizrahi

Sari Mizrahi Designs

Even if you don’t know anything about InDesign upfront, this bootcamp will really upscale your level of working with InDesign, by providing a balanced course consisting of detailed instruction and in-class assignments.

Anthea van der Velden

This class was definitely worth the time and money. These are skills that will definitely uplevel my projects at work.

Tiffany Rutkowski


They do it right at Noble Desktop! From start to finish my experience was amazing! I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn the Adobe Creative Suite!

Angela George

Alice & Trixie

The Graphic Design Bootcamp was a great class in which my Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign skills all came together and improved, while building my own portfolio.

Anthea van der Velden

I’ve taken many courses at this school (NYIM/Noble Desktop) and am signed up for more. The instructors expertly and patiently completely convey very comprehensive material on each subject. I would not go anywhere else to learn these programs and have recommended the school to many friends and associates.

Stacey Brody

This Photoshop Bootcamp class gave me enough free time to not only explore Photoshop but also learn the basics in an easy and concise way.

David Pangilinan


This was a great introductory course to animations in Photoshop! I am excited to take back what I learned and use at work.


Cancer and Careers

Noble Desktop erased any fear I had about animated gifs. I had tried learning on my own and created what I wanted, but the process was beyond tedious and I avoided offering that service to clients. Noble Desktop showed me how much simpler and doable it could be and now I want to invest more time in learning this increasingly valued skill in my field.

Paul Vanderberg

This class is very informative. Even with the UX sphere rapidly growing every day, the instructor managed to stay on top of the many changes happening within Adobe XD and how it stacks up against similar apps.

Naeem Holman

This class allows you to take a real world idea and walk through the steps to bring it to life. It opened my eyes to a whole different world of design.

Anthony Romano


This is a great way to learn about the field of UX Design, as well as prepping you to begin your potential new career! It’s a lot of information to learn but in a good way.

Kristine Ross

The UX/UI Design Certification process did a beautiful job of introducing me to the field, giving me a working knowledge its components and getting me excited about working in it in the future. The new space is beautiful and Michelle was intelligent, passionate about the work and thoughtful in her student interactions.


Over the years I’ve taken a half dozen of so classes here at Noble. Every one of them has been chock full of information and taught by a professional, knowledgeable, personable instructor. It’s always wonderful to learn here and the new facilities are beautiful.

Maida Landau

Helpful learning environment, Finished the bootcamp learning a lot more than I thought I would. Feel confident enough to work on my own.

Yanelly Quintanilla

This is a great class. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn key concepts in Graphic Design.

Meryl Raffman

Everyone should take this class at Noble Desktop in order to remain competitive in the market. You will learn a great many useful skills needed to set you apart from the rest.

Rosanna Ramos

I learned so much in such a short amount of time. The instructor was extremely patient and helpful as well.


I can’t believe how much I learned in 3 days. My instructor was patient and extremely knowledgeable. I feel confident that I can hit the ground running with my new skillset.

Rosa Barney

Trish McEvoy

Was definitely worried about learning InDesign in one day as I wasn’t sure how much I could truly learn but this class was amazing. Taught me a bunch of skills that I can take back to my team and begin executing against.

Tori Bremer

This class was exactly what I was hoping for. It was the perfect length of time to learn the basics and more. The instructor was great and very helpful. The pace was just right, and I’m walking away happy with my new skills.

Emma Pinkus

“Can’t wait to take another class!”

Sydney Schmidt

American Management Association

I’ve been using Photoshop for many years. This class presented several methods and tricks that I didn’t know existed.

Dawn Cavalieri

After years of avoiding Photoshop I found Noble Desktop and learned in one day more than I could have imagined. The class was a perfect size (under 20 ppl) and the instructor was dynamic, logical and easy to follow w/o being boring.

Cris Cordero

Self Employed

Relaxing environment, welcoming atmosphere. Bagels every morning for students! Everyone’s friendly.


Noble Desktop is my go-to place for learning new programs quickly. The “class in a day” is the perfect crash course geared for people like me who have limited time to work with.

Justin Bamforth

Edison Properties

Dan did a great job teaching us the basics of Photoshop in a day. I’d highly recommend this class.

Ryan Orozco


You learn so much in a day and it does not feel overwhelming!



Sketch in a Day is a great way to get a crash course that will help understand the different functionalities, key commands, and unknown tips for best practices.

Ana Gormaz


My experience with Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp was amazing! I learned so much and my instructor was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

Savannah Blake


The Sketch in a Day class is great! The instructor is very thorough and knowledgeable about the program, and I feel that I’ll be able to really build on the skills that I learned during the class. I’d highly recommend it!

Claire Wajda

Great Believer

Noble’s Adobe Bootcamps find a way to cram a lot of information into a few days, where you walk away feeling empowered with enough knowledge to move you forward. Their instructors are thorough, patient, and very knowledgeable.

Kimtoya Williams

Church Pension Group

Noble Desktop is incredibly well set up. It’s clear the staff has spent a lot of time organizing their material, and so far the instructors have all been really good.

Anita Peltonen

self-paid, hope to get more work using these skills

This class gives you a ton of content to learn from, and is a great point of departure into the UX design world.

David Ferris

David Ferris Design

Great course! Step-by-step instruction and great practice materials finally made illustrator easy for me.

Sonja Wilder

Whether you are a total beginner or need a refresh and are short on time, I highly recommend Illustrator in a day. It’s given me the confidence boost to move towards more challenging classes and to tackle some projects.

Abbie Buhr

Noble Desktop has taught me the technical skills I needed to harness my creativity. Before starting the Graphic Design Program with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator boot camps I opened the programs maybe a few times before ever in my life. After 3 weeks of class with instructor Dan Rodney, I felt inspired, motivated and have begun creating my first graphic design portfolio!

Maggie Weidner

A rapid, thorough program with good instruction, good instructors, and good online facilities for anyone (currently everyone) unable to attend the classes in Manhattan..

Anita Peltonen

Putnam County News/Buffalo Group

Made XD look so easy! Super informative, Great resources provided to practice as we learn. I loved this session!

Timsy Gandhi


Our instructor Dan R found a way to help us with comments outside art boards (Pharma PRT legal requirements) as a surprise on his teachings on our second class session! very passionate about teaching!

Jennifer Diaz Tonos


Amazing instructor!!! Extremely knowledgeable, knows so much about what he is teaching and super passionate about the course. I’ve taken Noble Desktop classes before and I will keep coming back because you guys have the BEST instructors.

Lana Tanich

Given the fact that we had to do this entire class remotely due to Covid-19, I didn’t have very high expectations it would run so smoothly. However, I don’t think it could’ve gone any better. Not only do I feel very comfortable with the program now, I’m actually excited to use it!



My Lightroom instructor, Eugenio, really knew how to make a complex system comprehensible. He carved down to some of the most important things you need in just two days.

Anita Peltonen

Noble Desktop are pros – I attended my first class 15 years ago, and the InDesign Bootcamp I just finished is a reminder why they’ve thrived all these years. Keep up the great work!

Jessica T.

Great class environment, very flexible class times that cater to your schedule. Proof is in the pudding, if you put the time and effort in you will come away with knowledge you did not have previously. Great way to go if you are looking to learn Adobe without having to go “back to school.”

Alex Pappas

I immensely enjoyed attending the graphic design courses by Dan Rodney, he is very skilled in this field and he has a great way of giving over the material at a nice pace and in an informative way. always answering questions and staying overtime if necessary so that we leave the class knowing all the material. I took this course over Zoom and I am very pleased with the format and overall outcome

Kaila Danzinger

Dan was a great instructor, very clear and engaging when reviewing the materials. I feel confident in with my new skills!

Beverly Franklin

I have taken Noble Desktop classes in person as well as online and both types were excellent! Great teachers, and I love that ND allows one to retake a class within 6 months. I took the Graphic Design certificate class with Eugenio during fall of 2019, and ND allowed me to retake the 3 Adobe bootcamps online via Zoom with Dan Rodney in June 2020. Retaking it online allowed me to gain additional insight and acquire a much more solid foundation in Illustrator, PS, and InDesign. Thank you ND! Highly recommended.

Amy Baker

I definitely felt like I learned a lot and am the materials we were provided will serve me down the line. Dan answered all questions extremely thoroughly. 10/10 would recommend.

Samantha Andersen


Sketch in a Day is a great introductory class and gives you a substantial overview of the program without being overwhelming.

Susan Ceccarelli


In 3 days, you go from no InDesign experience to feeling like a pro.

Alex Pappas

A plentiful dive into Adobe Illustrator as a powerful tool for any professional!


Great way to learn Sketch. Highly recommend!

Seth Rothberg


Sketch in a Day provided a great overview of the app with a well-constructed approach of going over concepts, then having the class work hands-on with those concepts. It was well paced, taught by an industry professional to industry professionals. Overall, an excellent way to spend a day to get up and running in Sketch!

Martin Sarna

H4B Chelsea

Learning something new is very intimidating but Dan Rodney at Noble Desktop really took the time to clearly explain everything and I actually feel pretty comfortable with the program for just learning the basics in a day.

Tess Kakhki

H4B Chelsea

Class was super informative. Not only did Dan show how the program worked, but he went into the history of the software, and the many ways to go about doing things within the program. The projects were very organized, and very easy to follow. Dan didn’t just read us the pdf, but instructed us in a very casual manner, and the provided material complimented the lessons he was demonstrating very nicely.



The Sketch in a Day class was a great investment for me and my team. We now all have the fundamental tools to use this program efficiently and productively!

Vanessa Maganza

Havas Gemini

This was a great class to refresh skills I haven’t used in a very long time. I thought I might get a little bored but NEVER was. I can’t wait to practice more.

Valerie Woodman


Another great course which helps to fill in my knowledge gaps.

Sarah Miller

This is my fourth class through Noble Desktop. Always a lot of information to absorb but it’s broken down step-by-step with useful technical information that relates to the program. I appreciate that the exercises are created using a number of ways to execute a program.

Julie Grant

Valley Bank

Great crash course with details that are easy to follow.

Eric Park

If you’ve ever wanted to learn Adobe software, sign up now for Noble Desktop’s classes; they have amazing instructors who teach you how to use these applications in fun, useful ways, and make it so friendly that you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get started.

Jordyn Fischer

Loews Hotels & Co

I loved this class and ended up taking it twice to really learn it. Dan is a master of the program and a great communicator. Thanks Dan and Noble Desktop!

Mary A Mossberg

Learned so much through the bootcamp! Now I feel more confident in creating projects on my own from start to finish.


First time taking a virtual class. Noble Desktop made it so easy. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

Kathryn R Kenosian-Viola


I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning XD! They cover alot of ground and the demos and exercises are thorough, our instructor was very open about sharing industry knowledge, answering questions, and having thoughtful conversations which I found very insightful!



Eugenio was so patient and so knowledgeable. A rare commodity!

Anita Peltonen

The professors are very knowledgeable, very helpful, and I really enjoy the hands-on learning approach

Yasmin Tyrrell

Highest recommendation for anybody taking this class.


Havas Health Plus

The class was easy to follow with the live instruction and materials. I was able to walk away from the course feeling proficient in Sketch and able to understand the key components.

Sheena Harper


Learning Photoshop is super fun. It can be hard to grasp but once you get a hold of it, you can’t help but smile at what you’re creating.

Le’Rey/Hades Lewis

I am a freelance graphic designer with a degree in graphic design and I still learned a bunch of new helpful tips. This is going to help me create amazing new projects for my clients.

Sydney Schmidt

Super helpful in becoming familiar with basic concepts in Sketch

Cameron Lancaster

The Foundry @ Meredith Corp.

Super helpful in becoming familiar with basic concepts in Sketch

Cameron Lancaster

The Foundry @ Meredith Corp.

This was a great way to learn InDesign in a fast and efficient way and the instructor was so helpful.

Rebecca Lerner

A great class to learn XD from scratch.

Selina Wuthenow

The Bountiful Co.

I’ve taken workshops and classes with Noble Desktop for the past 10 years and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Extremely knowledgeable teachers who are enthusiastic and friendly. Working in the areas and digital art and design software is constantly changing and Noble is always on top of things and their classes are super affordable.

Kristin Jaworowski

Kristin Jaworowski Design

I highly recommend taking classes with Noble Desktop. I got the lay of the land with InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, as well as the basics of design theory. If you are looking for a teacher-led class rather than a pre-recorded curriculum this is a great way to go. My instructor was very well versed in every program and was patient enough to explain things until we all understood. Sign up now!


I was easily able to pick up Sketch which I needed for work. Plus you can learn at your own pace. The instructor was patient and was able to answer many different questions and handle people at different skill levels and experience

Alexandra Morrill

ADM Design

InDesign Bootcamp is a great way to sharpen your skills, learn some new ones, and gain a greater insight into the world of graphic design. Wonderful class!

Stephen Iorio

Noble Desktop never dissapoints! Eugenio teaches with his whole heart. He is the real deal, a true Pro. It is a privilege to be in one of his classes!

Trish Sheehan

Well worth the time and investment!

Peter Ocasio

Noble Desktop’s Illustrator Boot Camp is awesome! I’ve added so many colors and gradients to the “swatch panel” of my design skills. Thanks Sneha! You’ve changed my life!

Stephen Iorio

This is a great class if you know what you want to learn. It covers a broad range of topics and techniques so it really is a choose your own journey course.

Anna Stabler

Eugenio, the instructor, was very helpful and available.

Jerry Lee

After doing considerable research into online UX courses, I am so happy I chose Noble Desktop. I was able to get a variety of instruction in a short amount of time and for an affordable price.

Haley Day

Eugenio is very knowledgeable and kind, and teaches with great detail and explanation. He’s able to teach a lot in a short amount of time and is always willing to answer questions. Great course!

Alyse DeVore

Eugenio was AMAZING! His experience, knowledge and personality made the learning experience very effective.

Jeffery Carson

10/10, would take this class and more with Noble Desktop.

Jessica Cleveland

What I loved about the course is that you learn by doing, step-by-step, and the ability to be in-person or online makes it very convenient.

Francisco Zamora-Medina

I was self-taught in InDesign and knew pretty much the basics. This course completely changed how I look at the program. Eugenio was an amazing instructor, and I am now confident projects that used to take me hours could be done in one.

Cassandra Roy

Well worth the time and investment! I learned more in a single class than I have after weeks of watching videos online!

Peter Ocasio

I learned plenty of new tips and tricks and would recommend the course to anyone interested in learning InDesign.

Rodrigo Lopez

Joy is excellent at distilling a huge subject (UX Design) into digestible bits. We will leave with a strong working familiarity of the various parts that go into UX design and I have several new tools in my design arsenal.

Robert Lackey

The class covers essential tutorials on a variety of different types of projects. I found the workbook to be my bible, it’s extremely detailed. I took the course online which was so helpful and not limiting at all. We were able to share our screens when we ran into problems.

Anna Stabler

Noble Desktop’s design curriculum is designed for professionals without cutting any corners or simplifying with shortcuts. It honors my professional goals by teaching me the most complete steps.

Virginia Mangrum

10/10 would recommend this program above other virtual learning bootcamps out there! I felt like the classes were tailored to software and industry standards we would need to know, and not just there to collect my money and send me out into the design world unprepared (like with some of those other well-known schools). If I could go back to when I was deciding which school to choose, I would choose this one all over again.

Jessica Cleveland