Grappa Ristorante – A little bit of Soho in Warwick, NY

09:51 19 Jun 22

Had lunch here a while ago and remembered it was delicious. So when friends made reservations I was looking forward to

another delightful meal. That will be my last time I’ll waste my time. What a disappointment. Doubly so for the amount charged. Small portions, bland, tasteless. Bread cold and doughy. What restaurant doesn’t provide butter without a special request? Fried Calamari was grayish in color with the consistency of latex. One piece was all it took to avoid the rest. Ordered a chicken dish that consisted of a pile of greens, onions, small tomatoes (brown and rotted looking) with allegedly balsamic sauce. Know it was there because I saw streaks of brown and tasted it a couple of times but that was it. All this heaped on top of two pieces of friend chicken breasts that had nothing on McDonald’s chicken McNuggets. Dry and tasted like cooking oil. Could only finish one and declined to take the rest home. There was a lot of staff running all over the place, at times colliding, which was unnerving to watch. There were four of us and by the end of our meal we all agreed: what just happened? Don’t know if this was a bad night or a typical experience but it will be my last. Pricey disappointment.

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