Grease Traps

A restaurant grease trap (grease interceptor) is a device installed in plumbing systems designed to trap and prevent grease, hair, lint, oil, sediment, and other solid material from entering plumbing systems where they cannot be processed. They protect your plumbing and help prevent harmful toxins from potentially contaminating the environment.

We carry a variety of size capacities, ranging from small capacity models up to heavy-duty models that can hold hundreds of pounds of waste. Choose from threaded and non-threaded connection type grease traps, automatic draw off models, and low profile styles. Trap grease, oil, and other sediment before it destroys your plumbing system with a reliable grease trap!

Our selection of commercial grease traps will help prevent harmful solids from passing into your plumbing. Choose from a variety of grease traps, including low profile styles, automatic models, and threaded and non-threaded types. Pot and pan brushes are other great products to keep in your restaurant dish room, as well as scrubbers and sponges for cleaning dirty dishes. Hose reels are also great for washing off large items in your dish room while using a small amount of space.

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