Grease Traps & Interceptors for Restaurants

Grease Traps

Grease Traps for restaurants

Drain-Net is your leader in providing grease management solutions for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and other foodservice facilities.  The purpose of grease traps (also called grease interceptors) is to allow separation of solids and grease, to contain them in a holding facility, and to prevent these harmful wastes from entering the main sewer system or septic tank.  Traditional metal grease traps are known to corrode due to the high pH level in most waste water. Plumbing and foodservice professionals have therefore turned to plastic grease traps.  Please CLICK HERE for CAD drawings.  Not sure what size grease trap you need?  Click here for our GPM Calculator to ensure you get the right product.

International orders:  Please call for accurate shipping quotes for grease traps for orders shipping outside of the US.