Green Gables Restaurant | Reception Venues

No doubt, the venue is absolutely stunning. I couldn’t get higher rave reviews from my guest on the venue. The personality of the space cannot be compared to anything else like it and the food is good too! I had a wedding of 118 guests with …

a 6 piece band and the room was the perfect size. I would not recommend putting 200 guests in this venue because the character of the space will not be able to shine through.

The ONLY reason I give Green Gables a sub par review is because of Teresa, the venue coordinator and, I believe, owner. I could tell she was a little “off” when I was working with her at the time of placing a deposit for our date but everything went smoothly up until the day before our wedding at our rehearsal.

We had our rehearsal at Green Gables because our ceremony was there. She was offended that I wanted the chairs aligned so I had a center aisle to walk down, but after a bit of tension she decided to realign them so we had an aisle. Then, I was mortified when she raised her voice to yell at my pastor in front of my wedding party and close family about the way we wanted to handle the dismissal of our guest. I was so embarrassed and wondered why this mattered to her in the first place; my pastor has done about 100 weddings. As my husband and I were the last ones out the door to head to our rehearsal dinner she handed me a bill for the entire wedding less the bar bill! As you can imagine, knowing exactly how big of a check you will have to write out the next night to pay for your wedding really took a lot of fun out of the night and next day. I thought it was very unprofessional.

The next day as I was on my way to Green Gables to get married she called and told me that she had to cut my 6 piece band down to a 3 piece because they wouldn’t fit. I told her exactly how large of an area they would be needing. We spent a ton of money on our band and they traveled from 5 hours away to play so for her to feel like she could just “cut them down” made me very mad.

When I arrived to Green Gables I wanted to see how beautiful the reception tables turned out and she told me I couldn’t go see them! I thought I was the bride…

She wouldn’t turn the lights down on the dance floor later that night at my request until my husband had to raise his voice with her. My wedding cake from Oakmont Bakery never got cut and served. All my guest thought it was fake. They also didn’t take the top tier off for us to preserve for our first anniversary and they ruined the entire cake by throwing it in a box. All the tiers fell apart and it was an entire mess the next day 🙁

I would not recommend for brides to not have their wedding there, but if you tend to be a wallflower and don’t speak up about what you want it will quickly turn into the “Teresa’s Day” and not yours. All the other staff at Green Gables were amazing, very professional, and attentive to our needs!