Green Vegetarian Restaurant – San Antonio, TX | Review & What to Eat

Green Vegetarian Restaurant is not merely vegetarian. It also is kosher, meaning there is dairy fare but no meat on the menu. Also, several dishes are strictly vegan; some are gluten-free.

The sun was blazing when we stopped in, so it seemed only right to start with an icy smoothie that blended pineapple, mango, papaya and banana in a mix known as “tropical cooler.” Refreshing? More than a bath in ice water.

The menu offers many options, including breakfast/slash/brunches that include sweet potato pancakes, huevos rancheros, migas, and vegan tacos. you can have gluten-free sushi vegetable rolls, grilled portobellos that are designed to remind you of steak, even chicken-fried steak made of “wheat meat.” Chili, available as a side dish with other meals, does a yeomanly job of impersonating real chili, albeit not real Texas chili, as it contains beans. But the spices are right and it is an extremely hearty dish.

Among pseudo meats, few are weirder than wham, a ham substitute that has a smoky flavor and texture something like tender pastrami. It’s the star of a tremendously satisfying sandwich named Mike (for chef and co-owner Mike Behrend), which contains jaw-stretching strata of avocados, cucumbers, sprouts, spinach leaves, tomato slices, purple onion, sliced tomato and jalapeno jelly – all on thick slices of fresh, rugged-grained bread.

Of course there are salads: Greek, raw beet, raw vegetables with raw pecan hummus and a taco salad that includes soy chili. Side dishes range from “healthiest to happiest” – steamed broccoli to French fries.

There is another location at 10003 NW Military, Ste. 2115. 210-233-1249