Grotta Palazzese Restaurant, East Coast Italy | Yacht Charter Fleet

If an image can speak a thousand words, then we need say no more about the Grotta Palazzese. This spectacular restaurant has been built into a large grotto that hangs over the blue sea below, offering incredible views and an unforgettable dining experience. 

It is the kind of exclusive experience that goes hand in hand with a yacht charter. The restaurant is part of the Grotta Palazzese Hotel in Polignano a Mare in the Puglia region of Southern Italy.

Its location has put it amongst the best hotels in the world, and its elegant finishes throughout make sure that it is befitting of its discerning guests.

Set 24 metres above the crashing waves below, the cave was carved out of limestone by the sea over centuries, and has been hosting diners since the 18th-century when it was used by Italian nobility.