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If you are looking for guaranteed car finance, it’s probably because your credit history is not quite perfect. Not to worry though, Car Loan Warehouse is here to help you get into your new car. Let us help you.

Whilst it is not legal to offer guaranteed car finance, we work closely with lenders who specialise in helping car buyers with poor credit history and as long as you can prove that the monthly payments are affordable will help you get the car that you need.

You can contact us with the details of a car that you have already found or simply apply online to be pre-approved before you go car shopping, safe in the knowledge that you have your loan in place.

  • No deposit
  • No arrangement fees
  • Sensible interest rates
  • Get approved before you shop

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You should be aware that it is illegal for lenders to advertise ‘guaranteed car finance’. The Consumer Credit (Advertisements) Regulations 2010 clearly states that finance companies cannot advertise this unless the loans they’re offering are available to anyone who applies – with no questions asked. With recent changes in consumer protection, as far as we know, this is not possible.

The car finance companies making these claims are simply capitalising on a catchphrase to entice customers to apply. As they’re likely to be lending someone else’s money, they will actually have no control on the lending criteria or the decision – meaning the promise of 100% guaranteed car finance is an empty one.

The Car Loan Warehouse would strongly advise you to be very careful when considering applications to companies advertising guaranteed car finance.

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Do we offer guaranteed car finance?

The Car Loan Warehouse is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and lends responsibly. For this reason, we could never dream of advertising ‘guaranteed car finance’ – as we aren’t able to approve an application until we’ve spoken to the customer and assessed that the loan they have applied for is affordable and it suits their requirements.

We do, however, welcome all customers regardless of their credit score and payment history. We do not base decisions on previous credit problems, and instead take the time to discuss your current position, needs and ability to repay – forming an accurate picture of your ‘real-time credit rating’.

We love to say yes!

At The Car Loan Warehouse we work very closely with lenders who will consider your current ability to pay and not judge you on your past credit history. So whether you have had a CCJ in the past or missed a few payments, we can still help you to take control of your car finance options.

  • No Deposit Required
  • No Arrangement Fees
  • Representative 18.7% APR
  • Affordable Payments over 2 to 5 years
  • Fast Approval
  • Buy privately or from any UK dealer

So if you were looking for 100% guaranteed car finance you have come to the right place. For an honest and trustworthy approach to car financing, contact our professional advisors today and we guarantee to do our best to help you get the car that you need!

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