Guaranteed Credit Approval | Suburban Auto Finance

How Do We Guarantee Approval?

At Suburban Auto Finance, we look beyond your credit score to the other factors that make you a qualified buyer. We know that you are not your credit history, so why should financial issues from the past stand in the way of your future purchases? Instead of focusing on your credit, we look at the following:

  • Are you at least 18 years-old?
  • Do you have bad credit or no credit?
  • Do you have a steady monthly income?

For guaranteed approval, we look for at least $1,500 of monthly income. And we may also consider your debt to income ratio as a factor. This means that we want to make sure that taking on an auto loan payment won’t compromise your ability to pay your other monthly bills.

The Sure Way to Financing Starts with Us!

We know that searching for auto financing with damaged credit can be frustrating. It can seem like there is no real help in sight, let alone any kind of guarantee for approval. At Suburban Auto Finance, we not only guarantee that you will get a loan, but will help you find a vehicle that fits your budget and lifestyle perfectly. Helping people with difficult credit circumstances isn’t just our job, it’s our number one priority. Do any of the following apply to you?

  • You have limited funds to produce a large down payment.
  • Banks consider you a high risk and will not approve you for a loan.
  • You have a low monthly income.
  • You have a low credit score.
  • You have no credit history.

You’re definitely not alone. We’ve worked with thousands of people who have been in these exact situations, and we’re ready to help you. We understand the odds that you have been up against, and we believe that no one should have to live with a lack of transportation. When you’re plagued with a financial obstacle, you may not have the confidence to just walk into a dealership and assume that you can be approved to buy a car.

Let Suburban Auto Finance take the anxiety out of your next car buying experience. With our 100% approval guarantee, and the knowledge that you will have only the best vehicles to select from, you’re getting the transportation and financing you need to plan for your future.

Get back on the road, and on your way to better credit today!