Gun Training: How to Choose Your First Class

Just got a gun…or thinking about getting one soon?

And now you’re scouring the internet to find out the best way to learn?

Aero Precision Thunder Ranch TR15 ClassYou gotta gun…now what?

I’ve got you covered…especially since I was in your exact shoes a few years ago.

I’ll cover the current options and break them down into two groups — online and in-person.  I’ll break down the pros/cons for each, plus give you a couple of suggestions I’ve personally used.

By the end…you’ll have a great grasp of what to do next in your gun journey!

I Have No Idea What I'm DoingDon’t be this…err…dog.

Table of Contents


Why Take Gun Training Courses?

There are a bazillion reasons…but here are the three biggest ones that stand out to me:

1. Safety

If there’s no one watching over you in the beginning…chances are you’ll start forming some bad habits.

4 Rules of Firearm Safety4 Rules of Firearm Safety

At the onset, these might not immediately hurt you but could become bad news when you instinctively do it at the range with a loaded firearm.

Case in point…not putting your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.

Feinstein Poor Trigger DisciplineFeinstein showing poor trigger discipline.

2. Looking Like a Fool

I don’t know about you…but I hate it when I get called out for doing something wrong.  

Don't Be This GuyNo Taking Out Guns at the Gun Store, Don’t Be This Guy

I’d much rather spend some time beforehand getting to know guns and gun handling, so I have some resemblance of knowing what I’m doing.

3. Saving Time

All the info you’ll find in a beginner course is already free and readily available online.  

But you’re probably going to spend a LOT of time combing through that info to figure out what’s correct and what’s not.

Used Gun SitesCan you get info online…yep, but it might not be the most efficient way.

Plus, internet gun forums aren’t the most friendly for complete newbies.

So really…it’s a matter of how much your time is worth to you.

Marathon TSAR 41mm, Rubber StrapTime is money, after all…

Online Gun Training Options

Not ready to go onsite for a live shooting course yet? Online is where I started too.

1.  YouTube

There’s a LOT of stuff on YouTube. Most of it is people reviewing guns & gear or having a lot of fun with rare and full-auto guns.

But here are a couple of my recommendations for beginners.

First up, safety rules and basic etiquette.

What about how to even use a handgun? This is one of the most complete although kind of boring — videos.

And this was really great for becoming a BETTER handgun shooter. — from the guy who has won more pistol competitions than anyone can count.

If you know of any full lessons that cover everything a beginner needs to know — and isn’t a snooze fest — let me know in the comments!

2.  NRA Basic Pistol Course

I didn’t even know the NRA Basic Pistol Course existed until I decided to get certified as an NRA instructor and passing it was one of the prerequisites.

It has a lot of good information…maybe TOO much information for a beginner.  I believe the course totals about 7-8 hours.

NRA Basic Pistol ScreencapNRA Basic Pistol Screencap

And it’s built on a super old learning management system that’s not mobile-friendly, kind of buggy on my laptop, no skipping allowed, and an annoying quiz system (don’t get me started).

Check out my full review of Basic Pistol here.

3. Pantaeo Productions

I forget where I first heard of Pantaeo, but it was for its more advanced courses…along the lines of handgun drills and tactical weapons.

The Ranger WayThe Ranger Way

So I signed up (monthly subscription with access to everything) to see how their courses were for true beginners…starting with their Handgun 101, Part 1.  

For the most part, it was pretty good.

But it did have some presupposed knowledge of terms and mechanics. I got the feeling that beginners might need to watch the intro videos two or three times.

Panteao ScreencapPanteao Screencap

Production was pretty good but I would have liked a better way to see the chapters of the course. You’ll see they are stuck at the bottom with a very small scroll screen.

4.  Chris Sajnog

Want to learn from the very best?

Chris Sajnog (pronounced sigh-nog) is probably your guy. He’s a retired Navy SEAL instructor who literally “wrote the book” for the SEAL’s Sniper training program? He now charges $10,500 for one day of private training.

Chris Sajnog ScreencapChris Sajnog

Well, thanks to technology, Sajnog has created the closest thing to learning how to shoot like a SEAL…without enlisting or spending an arm and a leg.

But, it’s not exactly geared towards the true beginner. Once you’re ready to really get accurate, though, Sajnog has you covered.

New Rules of Marksmanship is a course with 52 videos.

I’m worked my way through and it’s great how he emphasizes things you tend to forget…like focusing on the front sight. He also talks about mind/body mechanics that top athletes (and elite units) use to perform at their best. Not to mention, there’s super high production value and awesome downloadables.

Currently $497 but use code PEWPEW to drop $300 and make it $197.

He also has monthly memberships where you get the course, help from trainers, and lots more.

5. Courses has lots of courses from concealed carry (duh) to vehicle firearm tactics, handgun grip, and more.

Concealed Carry Vehicle ClassConcealed Carry Vehicle Class

Prices vary from free to $65 for their law course.


Another option is to get a membership with the United States Concealed Carry Association.

USCCA membership comes with a few perks, but one of the coolest is access to free online training.


From basic marksmanship videos to home defense style instruction, there’s plenty to watch.

Want to learn more about USCCA? Check out my USCCA review here!

7.  Beginner’s Guide to Guns from Pew Pew Tactical

I’ve also written an entire series of blogs catered specifically to beginners!  Check out our entire curriculum in the Beginner’s Guide to Guns.

Guide to Guns SyllabusGuide to Guns Syllabus

8. Gun Noob to Gun Slinger

And our newest resource…Gun Noob to Gun Slinger. This video course is geared towards pistol/revolver beginners and only covers the most important stuff…without the attitude.

Gun Noob Course ScreencapGun Noob Course Screencap

In-Person Gun Training

If you’ve got the mentality to really learn and can spare the extra expense, I totally recommend taking an in-person gun course.

It might feel a little intimidating, but if you choose a great instructor that knows how to work with beginners, it shouldn’t be TOO intimidating.

Low kneeling all the way to the ground, in the rain, during a Massad Ayoob Group class.Gun classes are the best way to learn.

So what’s the best way to find the best gun training in your area? Ask around!

I would suggest asking your gun buddies, local gun store, Googling “gun training (your city)” and also verifying everything on Yelp.

Be aware of lots of 5-star reviews with people that have 5 or fewer reviews. That always raises shill alarms.

Aero Precision Thunder Ranch TR15 Prone Shooting

Now how about recommended courses?

Note: this list is not all-inclusive. There are a ton of excellent instructors and courses. So, if we missed your favorite, drop us a comment.

NRA Certified Instructors

Find a local one at NRA Instructors and look up their reviews.

Now let’s move on to the ones I personally recommend.

1. International Tactical Training Seminars (ITTS), Los Angeles

I’ve taken…about seven ITTS courses from them over the years (All Handgun, Sniper 1, Shotgun 1, Concealed Carry). They are who I fully recommend to anyone in the Southern California region.

ITTS Tactical CCW Course with Alien GearITTS Tactical CCW Course

Their Handgun 1 course taught me all the fundamentals…and most importantly…permanently drilled in the 4 Rules of Firearm Safety. If only for that it was all worth it.

Sniper 1 Course, ITTSSniper 1 Course, ITTS

Plus their head instructor, Uncle Scotty is a super cool dude who has taught some of the most badass units in the world. AND he’s in touch with his gaming side…

Check out more videos of their (actual) courses on YouTube.

2.  All Safe Defense Systems, Orange County

I took All Safe’s NRA Instructor Certification course this last weekend. TJ, the instructor, came highly recommended by my buddy and was confirmed through Yelp beforehand.

All Safe LogoAll Safe Logo

And how was it?

It was much more INTENSE than I thought it would have been.

If you’re not comfortable speaking in front of crowds…it’s going to suck. But keep in mind this was for the Instructor course…so if you can’t talk in front of people…you might not be a great future instructor.

Glock G43X Eric ShootingI learned a lot of skills from TJ.

TJ kept it upbeat even with slides and going through the NRA handbook. He was a master at getting us to the answer ourselves simply by asking questions.

Plus the “final” was teaching complete newbies how to shoot…and our score was determined by 10 of their shots on target. Talk about pressure.

If teaching future instructors was any indication…I have no problem recommending his other courses to total beginners (and future instructors). Price is fair at $120 for the beginner course.

3. Gunsite

PPT contributor Sean Curis is a big fan of Gunsite and has been a couple of times to the famed site.

I arrived at Gunsite on the first day, just before sunrise.

The people at Gunsite are total pros and must undergo a strict screening process to teach. So, you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

Founded by Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, ya’ know the guy who modernized gun tactics, the instruction is what you’d expect from a top-tier facility.

Mrs. Cooper was a gracious host, speaking with us about the school, Col. Cooper, and their home.Sean Curtis stands alongside Lt. Col. Cooper’s wife.

If you’re willing to travel to Arizona, you can’t pass up on Gunsite.

You can read all about Sean’s experience at Gunsite here!

4. Thunder Ranch

PPT contributor Johnny B has taken a few courses from Clint and Heidi Smith at Thunder Ranch, with nothing but good things to say about the folks at Thunder Ranch.

Aero Precision Thunder Ranch TR15 Barrier ShootingJohnny B at Thunder Ranch

Johnny assured me that Thunder Ranch knows its stuff and is a great resource for those who want to learn.

Not to mention Clint is practically a celebrity for his unique perspective and teaching style.

Aero Precision Thunder Ranch TR15 Clint SmithClint Smith of Thunder Ranch. (Photo: TFB TV)

5. Other Courses on Our Wishlist

These are the ones with stellar reputations and where I want to eventually attend:

  • Magpul CORE: The guys that made threw tactical courses into the spotlight with their DVDs.

Magpul CoreMagpul Core

  • Rifles Only: Where I want to one day train for precision rifles.

Rifles Only, Precision RifleRifles Only, Precision Rifle

  • Sig Sauer Academy: Yes, that Sig Sauer. The renowned gun maker runs a training site in New Hampshire with a ton of rad courses to choose from.

Sig Sauer AcademySig Sauer Academy

Massad Ayoob Group: You want to know how to fight through a self-defense scenario and learn about the legalities of it all too…you want a Massad Ayoob course.

Mas Ayoob gets his classroom teaching on.Mas Ayoob gets his classroom teaching on.

Civilian Defense Research: If you want a truly unique class set that deep dives into a whole lot of data AND teaches you how to defend your kids as well as yourself…sign up for a Civilian Defense Research course.

Melody Lauer teaching The Armed Parent/Guardian.Melody Lauer teaching The Armed Parent/Guardian.

Private Instruction vs. Group Classes

It’s worth discussing the pros/cons of taking a group class versus booking a one-on-one with a shooting instructor.

So, let’s get into it.

Group Classes

The main advantage of jumping into group classes is that they tend to be more affordable.

The cost of the supplies, range, etc., is spread across multiple people meaning instructors can offer a course at a more reasonable price.

17. Crimson Trace RAD Pro Gunsite Class

Not to mention, if you want to bring a buddy or two, then a group class is the perfect facilitator of that.

That said, the downside to group classes is you have to share your instructor with a few more people, so you won’t get as much individualized attention.

Learn more about the benefits of group classes in the Brownells Daily Defense Video below.

Private Classes

What’s the advantage of a private class? One-on-one attention.

You get the instructor to yourself for an allotted amount of time which means you get their undivided attention.

5. Walther PDP ShootingA one-on-one will help you diagnose problem areas and solve them.

If you’re a new shooter, private instruction can be helpful because you have the instructor’s attention without all the commotion of other students. That means you can work at your own pace and comfort.

What about if you’re an old pro? Well, we always have areas we can work on, and a private lesson can help you out there. If you’ve struggled with something in particular – maybe it’s your trigger press or draw out of a holster – the instructor can help focus and get you where you need to be.

Glock G43X Trigger PressHow’s your trigger press?

Alternatively, if you are a bit of an introvert and the idea of a class full of people watching you shoot makes you nervous, then a private class ensures you can loosen up, learn, and enjoy the lesson.

For more on the advantages of private classes, check out the Brownells’ Daily Defense video below.

Packing for a Class

So now that you booked your first class and know what to expect, what do you pack in your range bag?

Some essentials we recommend are:

For more tips on what to bring, check out the Brownells Daily Defense video below.


So, you know why it’s important to take a class, now get out there and take one!

Gun Noob Online Gun ClassGun Noob Online Gun Class

You can always start online to ease those jitters (we suggest the Gun Noob course) and then work your way into a classroom.

Want some more tips on choosing an instructor? Check out the Brownells Daily Defense video below for additional advice!

What are some of your favorite courses? Let us know in the comments below. If you’re brand new, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Guns to get you started!