Halterman’s Eatery Update (Seafarer’s) – 24 Hours to Hell and Back

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Episode Recap

Seafarer’s Family Restaurant, later renamed Halterman’s Eatery, was a Manquin, Virginia restaurant featured on Season 3 of Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

Though the Halterman’s Eatery 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode aired in February 2020, the actual filming and visit from Gordon Ramsay took place all the way back in November 2019. It was Season 3 Episode 5.

Seafarer’s Family Restaurant is located in Manquin, Virginia.

Manquin, Virginia is located to the Northeast of Richmond and not too far from the Chesapeake Bay. It’s not too far from another Virginia restaurant that was featured on 24 Hours to Hell and Back, Lowery’s Seafood Restaurant.

The Halterman family owns the restaurant. The owners are Amber, Autumn, and their parents.

Amber, Autumn, and their mom are in the restaurant every day. Autumn is upset that her sister is the manager and tries to step on her toes any chance she can get. 

Gordon arrives dressed in a soldier’s uniform because he is with the American revolutionary reenactors.

The costumes on this show are so ridiculous haha. Gordon definitely goes all out. My favorite is his Mrs. Doubtfire outfit in the Stone’s Throw Restaurant episode.

Rock Harper, winner of Hell’s Kitchen season 3, assists Gordon.

He thinks the restaurant smells terrible. But does the food taste better than the restaurant smells? Unfortunately, no.

Gordons table orders deviled eggs, crabs, and oysters. Gordon has to spit out the deviled egg because it is disgusting.

Gordon removed his disguise and revealed himself. 

He brings everyone into the kitchen, where the bad smell is overwhelming.

Logan, the head chef, is speechless.

Gordon wants to show everyone the hidden footage in the Hell on Wheels Truck.

The video footage shows flies on food, Amber leaving out food, and food storage that is not right. 

The customers are invited back in 24 hours. The staff is told they have to stay and clean until the relaunch.

Autumn blames the problems on their father, who bought the restaurant because he thought he was close to death and wanted to leave a legacy for his family.

No one is adequately trained. Logan, the chef, stays to help but is thrown under the bus for smoking put by Autumn. 

Logan tells Gordon that Autumn chased down customers who didn’t leave a good enough tip.

Phillip is Amber’s boyfriend, who has already quit three times.

Gordon tells him to go if he doesn’t want to be there, so he does.

The renovation team comes, and Gordon calls the kitchen the most disgusting one he has ever seen. 

Flies are everywhere. The kitchen has also never been deep cleaned.

The walk-in fridge is warm and filled with warm rotten seafood. It’s so gross…

The smell of a tub of week-old bad crabs causes everyone to gag. Gordon makes the staff deep clean the kitchen. 

Gordon takes Chef Logan out to the Hell on Wheels Truck and trains him on the new menu.

Gordon meets with the sisters, and Autumn believes she can run the restaurant better than Amber.

Gordon thinks she should get a profit percentage and step away from the business, but she doesn’t want to. 

The kitchen staff is not confident about the new menu.

The new interior is revealed, and everyone loves the contemporary décor. You can see it in the screenshot above, but the new design really does look great.

There are new POS machines and kitchen appliances.

In addition to changing the decor, Gordon also changes the name from Seafarer’s Family Restaurant to Halterman’s Eatery.

Obviously, this name change is based on the fact that the Halterman family owns the restaurant.

The owners discuss the restaurant, and Autumn is all negative.

She leaves, and Amber is the designated manager for the night.

On the relaunch night, things get off to a rocky beginning.

The first burger is too well done and cannot be served. 

The kitchen then begins to panic, and Gordon tells Amber to encourage and pump up the kitchen as the manager.

Communication gets better, and food leaves the kitchen. 

In the end, the Halterman’s Eatery relaunch seems to have been a success. But will it last? Let’s find out…