Hanoi IEC Co. Ltd (HANOI IEC) was established in 2004 by those who used to study, research and do business in Germany. After 10 years of operation, HANOI IEC has become a prestigious and experienced overseas investment promotion and consultancy unit. The company has studied the market, organized conferences and working programs for German businesses in Vietnam and Vietnamese companies in Germany

We have been a representative office for Thuringia Economic Development Office LEG (Germany) in Vietnam since 2004 and for the German Association of Consulting Engineers (VBI) in Vietnam to support German specialists and businesses in construction, health, food and heavy industries since 2008.

HANOI IEC has become one of a few business consulting organizations for German businesses in Vietnam and has maintained close cooperation with the German Industry and Commerce (AHK/GIC) and the Embassy of Germany. Our customers and partners are reputable corporations in Vietnam and the world, including Schaeffler (automotive industry), Siegwerk (ink), Ensinger (plastic), Leoni (electric cables), Schueco (construction glass), and Inros Lackner (Architecture), etc.

During supporting German medical companies to invest and do business in Vietnam, we have expanded our business to import and distribution of pharmaceuticals for German companies, like products for joint treatment, and immunity-enhancing products since 2010.

HANOI IEC’s philosophy is selecting totally products “Made in Germany” with technological advancement and superiority, quality and high effect for users – Vietnamese patients.

The company’s suppliers are trusted companies in Thüringen State in particular and Germany in general like Peter Brehm, (artificial prosthesis: knee and hip), K-implant (artificial hip prosthesis for young patients), Intercus (titanium screws and plates), Gramme Revit (pharmaceuticals like Duovital and Tebexerol), and many other businesses.

HANOI IEC values the importance of exchanging information and experience between professionals and physicians of Germany and Vietnam to enhance the professional development of Vietnamese physicians and medical cooperation between the two countries. We cooperate with German companies to organize workshops and advanced training programs on surgical techniques in Germany and Vietnam.

In Vietnam, we carry out technology transfer programs at Vietnam-Germany Hospital; 108 Military Central Hospital; Thai Binh General Hospital; Hospital for traumatology and orthopedics of Ho Chi Minh City; and University Medical Center HCMC, etc.