Hansang Korean Restaurant menu in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

Tucked away in the corner bypass between VA Beach + Norfolk thoroughfare lies Hansang situated by a business strip of small businesses. This restaurant is a small but mighty choice for Korean style food. This was my second try at trying this restaurant. The first being a random night but the shortstaffed, long 1.5 wait for dinner was not an option so I opted to return later.

This evening the check in and seating process was swift. The menu was easy to follow with great descriptions underneath each menu item so you're not left guessing what is on each plate. I ordered a hot tea, but know it'll simply by a hot mug with a tea bag so no frills of a hot pot.

I ordered mandu fried but got steamed and besides that it was really good and plated nicely. I ordered the mandu ramyun and should have stuck with this dish itself.

The ramyun came in a large metal bowl. It was filled nearly to the top and smelled great! The broth was delicious and flavorful with just the right amount of spice that wasn't overbearing. The rich had a boiled egg, thinly slice carrots, and a little green onion. It would be nice if they had mushrooms or broccoli added to the dish.

The service was attentive and the waitress answered questions about the dishes with ease. I enjoyed watching music videos while I ate. When you're done they bring out a platter with mini prebiotic milkshots, they're individually sealed. Also, you'll get a tray that has kimchi, broccoli, and fish cakes. I would've loved if they had it where you could customize the options in the tray because I'm not a fan of the cakes.

In the end, this was a good time and the food made up more than enough for the delay last time. Check this place out for their ramyun and japchae. Make sure to cine a bit earlier on for dinner and your plate will thank you!