Happy Hour Charleston – Wild Common Restaurant | Cannon Green

If These Walls Could Speak…

We imagine they’d have plenty to say about the artisans who planed the wood and honed the joists to create such enduring and stately building as the Single House here at 103 Spring Street. That’s why we built our restaurant around this centuries-old architectural gem – because we believe craftsmanship counts, artistry endures, and good taste never goes out of style. At Wild Common at Cannon Green, the same holds true for our fine dining. Our food is classic, timeless, created from the finest ingredients with care and culinary craftsmanship.

An ideal spot for happy hour or a romantic dinner date or a special event, Wild Common at Cannon Green’s setting is a draw unto itself, a space that both takes you back in time and fully into Charleston’s posh present moment. Our inviting interior, complete with art by local artists and always-lush fresh greenery by our co-founder, Anne Bowen of Stems, and our palm-graced plein air courtyard combine to create an unparalleled urban oasis in historic downtown.