Harbor Inn Seafood menu in Roanoke, Virginia, USA

We have always enjoyed eating here, but tonight was an exception. Both of us ordered the fried platter with cod and clam strips. The cod was really good, although smaller than usual. The clam strips were terrible. They were nothing but batter, and even when you found a clam strip inside, it had no taste at all. Usually the clam strips are delicious, so this was a huge disappointment. The waiter asked how everything was and my husband told him about the clams. He said they knew they were that way, but unfortunately couldn’t get anything else. They are prebattered and frozen and not what they usually get. I understand there are supply issues, which cannot be helped (or can they?). I wish our waiter would have offered us a replacement for the clams, but he did not. I suppose we could have asked for a replacement, but we didn’t. I believe it is the responsibility of the restaurant to make the patron happy in hopes of a return visit by the customer. We will reconsider eating here in the future. Very disappointed.