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What is FARM

Harvest Finance is a cross-chain yield aggregator and yield farming platform developed by decentralized finance (DeFi) services provider Kava Labs. Harvest platform offers staking for a wide range of digital assets using advanced yield optimization strategies on secure and audited smart contracts to generate auto-compounding returns, allowing users to grow their deposit value while earning reward tokens for contributing liquidity to a growing list of high yield liquidity pools. Farmers can deposit Uniswap LP to earn a share of transaction fees in proportion to their ownership percentage of each pool, distributed in the form of ERC-20 FARM reward tokens. Harvest also supports Binance Smart Chain PancakeSwap LP, allowing BSC liquidity providers to earn BEP-20 bFARM tokens, as well as Polygon (MATIC) LP from Quickswap and Sushiswap. Farmers can stake FARM token to earn iFARM yield bearing token. Harvest offers a yield-bearing version of wrapped bitcoin (fWBTC) as well as yield-bearing stablecoins fUSDC and fDAI. FARM serves as a governance token to provide farmers with voting power to participate in community decisions about changes to be made to Harvest platform.