Have you tried Jamaican Jerk Chicken? If you haven’t one Hawaii Black-owned restaurant wants to change that

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Jrs Jamaican Jerk, a Black-owned restaurant, opened their doors in the middle of the pandemic and to their surprise became a big hit. 

“The response we have gotten from the community since our establishment has been great,” said Shadae and Odaine Edwards with Jrs Jamaican Jerk. “There have been a few hurdles along the way, but this was expected.”

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They said most people, especially locals, are intrigued about their food and will stop by first out of curiosity but then keep coming back for more.

“We get locals just very curious to try out something new,” said Shadae and Odaine Edwards. “We get a very diverse group of customers into our establishment, and once the word went out about the authentic nature of our food, we have gotten more support from our community.”

Their signature item would be their Jerk Chicken. They said customers from all over the island come specifically to try it along with their tasty side dishes.  

jerk chicken 2

“It is a meticulous and time-consuming process to properly prepare Jerk, and we always strive to ensure that our customers experience nothing but the best,” said Shadae and Odaine Edwards.

During the global pandemic, small business owners were hit hard. Which is why they say if you can support these businesses you should. 

“Small business owners are essentially the backbone of our economy,” said Shadae and Odaine Edwards. “It brings us extreme pride and joy, to be considered as one of the only few Black Owned businesses in the Wahiawa area.”

jerk shrimp

During Black History Month, Black Owned businesses highlight the importance of representation within our communities.

They said supporting Black owned businesses also highlight the importance of diversification within their communities. 

“Supporting Black and locally owned businesses empowers one’s community, it means job creation which in turn creates a better standard of living for our local families,” said Shadae and Odaine Edwards.

Shadae and Odaine Edwards said they love to give back to their community when they can. For example, their restaurant will sometimes offer free meals to people in need on certain occasions.

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If interested in supporting this Black-owned restaurant and want to see their full menu go to Jrs Jamaican Jerk’s website.