Hawaiian: Restaurants in Honolulu

Enjoying good food with friends and family is a part of Hawaiian tradition and culture as much as hula and surfing is. Traditional Hawaiian food, luaus, and Hawaiian/Pacific fusion food is readily available all over Oahu. Often times the best way to experience a destination and culture is through the food from the area, and Hawaii is definitely one of those places. Whether you're in search of Hawaiian food in the heart of Honolulu, or on the opposite end of the island in the country side, 10 Best has you covered for the best local food on the island.

Hawaiian food consists of some of the more well known dishes such as taro, a hearty root corp that has sustained the culture since Hawaiians first settled the islands, and lomi lomi salmon, a more modern dish made with raw salmon massaged with spices and soy sauce. Other common Hawaiian dishes include purple sweet potato, steamed or cooked with coconut milk, and kalua pig, cooked in an underground oven.

But there's more, a whole lot more. Some of the lesser known and spectacular Hawaiian dishes consist of breadfruit, known as ulu in Hawaiian. The bright green exterior of the oval fruit is removed leaving a white starchy meat and can be baked, steamed or turned into a curry or soup. Lau lau is meat or vegetables wrapped in ti leaves and baked underground until they are tender with all the flavors and juices penetrating each piece of food.

So while you're in Honolulu, make sure to head out ready to fill your opu (stomach) and enjoy some of the best food around. The visit wouldn't be complete without it.