Health insurance

Plan type
What it covers
Coverage through your work
Health insurance plans offered by your employer.
Dental, vision and supplemental plans
Coverage to add on to health insurance plans.
Employer plans
Shop and get online quotes for group health insurance plans for your employees, including medical, vision, dental, disability and more.
Individual and Family Marketplace plans
Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Exchange health care plans.
Plans that are low cost or no-cost for people with lower incomes.
Plans for people 65 or older or those who may qualify because of a disability or special condition.
Short term insurance
Temporary health plans that fit almost any lifestyle or budget. 1, 3


Self-employed health insurance
Coverage options if you're self-employed and have no employees.
Student health insurance
Coverage for students while they're in school, including plans with lower deductibles, comprehensive benefits and access to a wide provider network.
TriTerm medical
Short term health insurance plans1 lasting nearly 3 years.2