Healthy Takeout from Popular Restaurants | Cooking Light

Grilled chicken breast is always a safe order, and Applebee’s is no exception. The entree comes with mashed potatoes and broccoli, but if you want to cut down on the carbs, save half of the potatoes and ask for a to-go box — then you’ll have some to enjoy the next day! Like most restaurant dishes, this one is heavy on the sodium (almost 80% of your daily value), so drink plenty of water, too. 

Grilled Chicken Breast
Calories: 550, Fat: 22g, Sat Fat: 8g, Sodium: 17700mg

Red Flag: Salads on Applebee’s menu may sound healthier, but many of them contain a lot of calories and sodium. One option, the Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad, packs in 1,450 calories and 2,150 mg sodium.