Healthy treats for guinea pigs | Small Pet Select

Finding healthy guinea pig treats is important for many reasons. Treats in themselves are a fantastic way to give your piggy something extra besides his regular diet. Treats can also act as rewards – great if you’re trying to encourage good behavior. That’s not to say that you can give your piggy any type of food as a treat. Many treats are given with good intention, with owners thinking they’re offering something delicious and appealing. Some treats can be unhealthy and others can even be dangerous to your guinea pig’s health. Knowing what guinea pigs can eat (and what they can’t eat) is therefore essential.

As herbivores, guinea pigs eat only plant-based foods. A good diet consists of quality hay, limited amounts of pellets, and some fresh fruit and veggies. Giving your piggy too much of the wrong food can cause diarrhea, obesity, and more serious problems, including diseases of the heart, liver, or kidneys. Many commercial treats contain not-so-healthy ingredients. You can find lots of healthy treats around the house, however. Leafy greens and small amounts of fruits high in vitamin C will be a perfect choice.

Wondering how to find the right things to give your piggy? We’ve put together a guide to healthy guinea pig treats, along with some tips on choosing treats the right way.

There is an excellent reason why guinea pigs are called “pigs.” Just as their 600-pound farm namesake implies—they can eat up a storm!

Unlike farm pigs, who are prone to overeat, guinea pigs know when they have had enough. There are few things I enjoy more than seeing a happy guinea pig take a treat and run away to the safety of their house to munch on it.