Heaven On Earth Restaurant menu in Azalea, Oregon, USA

We?ve passed by here quite a few times, read as many dozen times, and we?ve always said we should stop because it looks cozy. A few months ago I checked the reviews here on Google maps and noticed 2 things; first, everything looked really tasty and second, it?s on a cross street that features my last name ? which is not a very common last name, Eakin (eA-kin) . Color me tickled.

So, on one of the drizzly days after Thanksgiving 2021 we left the foggy drizzle of the Rouge River Valley and headed to Canyonville for a change of scenery. On the way home we decided to finally visit the Heaven On Earth Restaurant?.

What a TREAT!!!! Warm and inviting as soon as we walked in the door between the wood burning stove, the decor and the displays. Then we were welcomed by both staff members who were stocking the main display table with HUGE cinnamon rolls (I think they 5x5x 3.5 inches) and the best smelling strawberry rhubarb crumble I?d ever smelled.

Needless to say we bought multiple goodies to take home for our family dinner and the next days family breakfast?. Everything was a huge hit and much discussion of going back as a big family group was had , plans made.

My absolute favorite was the strawberry rhubarb crumble. It was utter perfection. Not many people can do a perfect rhubarb anything? it?s either over or under cooked. Heaven on Earth Restaurant got it do RIGHT and it made my entire week!!!! Truly.

Thank you to the entire staff for answering so many questions, for your kindness and for your hospitality. We?ll be back, many times.