Heavens Gate Restaurant menu in Fort Worth, Texas, USA

First off, good news… no Marshall Applewhite affiliation here. No white Nikes. No need to wait on Hale-Bopp and no Koolaid. Lol. The food was pretty good overall. I did the buffet. The price is good for it. I wasnt told ahead of time, but you’ll need to request certain items to be made for you. After waiting for the fried chicken about 10 minutes or so I was told they didnt have any left. Unfortunately the waitress was a bit racist about it. She was complaining that the kitchen staff didnt speak English and was going on about quite a few things. I was annoyed by it and not paying attention. Basically she finished off saying when it was just the blacks and white working here these problems didnt happen in the past. The rest of the people I talked to in the restaurant were nice. You can order food off the menu as well, but I didnt look at the menu. Im sure the rest of the food is good here. Not sure I’ll be going back any time soon.