Heber City Restaurants | The Overlook at Black Rock Mountain Resort

Chef Jose “Ernesto” Rocha has a strong following for his legendary food. Since arriving on Park City’s culinary scene in 1991, he has been a local favorite. He has a big captivating smile and wears his heart on his sleeve. Ernesto has worked at many of Park City’s finest restaurants over the years, fine-tuning his skills. He is personality plus; making long-lasting friendships wherever he goes with both his staff and his guests.

Ernesto started his culinary path at age 17. He left the comfort of his home in Mexico City, where he studied Engineering, to earn some extra money. The plan was to work hard, make money, and return home to finish his studies. He started as a dishwasher but always kept a watchful eye on what the chefs were creating. He knew he could do better in his heart and set forth to do so, leaving his plans of returning home behind him. His passion was in the kitchen. Ernesto credits his talents to the gifted master chefs who trained him along the way to the top.

As Executive Chef at Black Rock Mountain Resort, Ernesto brings his positive attitude and unstoppable work ethic to create an inspiring work environment. He considers his cooking style a melting pot of his culture, Park City’s local vibes, and a desire to be creative. Ernesto’s menu follows the seasonality of local foods with a Southwest infusion. He likes his dishes to have a mix of spices, textures, and colors and experiments mixing flavor profiles; if he does not like the outcome, he will not serve the dish. His unique presentations show a style all his own.