Herbal Education – Ontario Herbalists Association

Core Programs

The Ontario Herbalists Association maintains educational standards which must be met as a requirement for Professional Membership.

The following schools may offer programs that meet these qualifications – please consult the OHA’s Educational Standards to confirm whether the program you choose meets the standards. Graduates of programs which meet the requirements may apply for professional membership with the OHA.


Please see the Map Listings on the right side of the page for more information on active programs located in Ontario.

Mohawk College of Applied Arts & Technology
Hamilton, Ontario

Program is no longer available; however previous graduates may still be eligible for professional membership.


Dominion Herbal College
Burnaby, British Columbia

Clinical Herbal Therapy Diploma Program
Three-year, in-class program
Dominion Herbal College also offers a Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program, 1 Year Distance Learning

Flora Medicina
Offers introductory level classes and practicums, plus a three-year, 1000+ hours training course for practitioners (in French).

Pacific Rim College
Offers a three year Diploma of Phytotherapy that explores the medicinal uses of North American and European herbs. Students will study both traditional knowledge of herbal medicine- that which is passed downed through various traditions over the ages and modern day, scientific-based knowledge.

Wild Rose College of Natural Healing
Clinical Herbalist Apprenticeship Diploma Program

Combination of on-line and in-person learning:

  • Practical Herbalist (1 Year Distance Learning)
  • Master Herbalist (1 Year Distance Learning)
  • Clinical Herbalist Apprenticeship (350 Hours In-Person Clinical Intensives)

Wild Rose College of Natural Healing began in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by Terry Willard, Ph.D. in 1975. Wild Rose College offers a 3 year program, which is a combination of on-line studies and in-person supervised Clinical Intensives with Herbal Mentors across Canada. (In-Person intensives with the Clinical Herbalist Apprenticeship Program may be taken concurrently with the Practical Herbalist or the Master Herbalist Diploma Program. Contact College Coordinator for details.) Wild Rose College emphasizes the wholism of the individual – focusing on the integration of the body, mind and spirit– & utilizes an up-to-date, interactive, on-line platform, including a private student Facebook Group with live webinars bi-weekly.

WRC also offers stand-alone courses such as Natural Pregnancy & Childbirth, Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden, & Fermenting for Life, as well as a Wholistic Therapist Diploma Program.


Health Schools Australia
Queensland, Australia
Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine
300 seminar + clinic hours, correspondence, NHAA approved course
Health Schools Australia also offers many other Diploma Programs and General Interest courses.

International College of Herbal Medicine
Gisborne, New Zealand
Program is no longer available; however previous graduates may still be eligible for professional membership.

United Kingdom
For programmes accredited by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH), UK please go to: www.nimh.org.uk


For programs listed on the American Herbalists Guild website, please go to: www.americanherbalistsguild.com and look for their Directory of Herbal Education