Here Are The 11 Most Romantic Restaurants In Texas And You’re Going To Love Them

Sometimes, rather than trying to impress your significant other with your chef skills and burning the house down, you take the easier (and safer) route by going out to dinner (after spending the day on one of these romantic outings, of course). Fortunately, Texas has plenty of restaurants that help set the mood with their charming yet intimate atmospheres and breathtaking views of the city. Not all of them are super expensive or require you to dress like you’re about to walk down the aisle, either (unless, of course, you’re planning to propose). Here are 11 of the most romantic restaurants in Texas:

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Yelp/Julie L.

2. Grotto Ristorante (Galveston)
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Yelp/Grotto Ristorante
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Yelp/Grotto Ristorante

3. Spindletop at the Hyatt Regency (Houston)
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Yelp/Lauren W.

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Yelp/Catherine G.

I know how most Texans feel about fine dining, and I totally agree, but I think we can all make an exception for this restaurant. Nothing says romance quite like dining in a revolving room and getting a panoramic view of Houston at night. And the food is to die for. Pictured is salmon with mashed yams, risotto, and veggies, but you can get red meat if a heartier meal is more your style.

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Yelp/Adelmo’s RIstorante

5. Republic of Texas Bar and Grill (Corpus Christi)
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Yelp/Raul B.

6. The Guenther House (San Antonio)
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Yelp/Kevin K.

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Yelp/Olympia Grill

There’s just something about family owned restaurants that enhances the romance factor tenfold. Maybe it’s the fact that every bite was crafted with love or that the atmosphere is usually charming and intimate. Whatever the reason, Olympia Grill delivers in that aspect. It’s hard to find good, authentic Greek food, so this is truly a diamond in the rough. Whether you’re in the mood for a gyro or a light Greek salad (and a huge piece of baklava because, duh, dessert), you and your date will walk away happy and satisfied after a meal here.

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Yelp/Zoia I.

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Yelp/Vincent L.

11. Suga’s Deep South Cuisine (Beaumont)
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Yelp/John M.
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Yelp/Sajeev M.