Here Are the Winners of the 2021 Snack Awards

THE GROCERY STORE is awash in brand-new, supposedly good-for-you snacks. (Cookies that build muscle! Chips that boost immunity!) But what’s actually healthy? We analyzed the labels. We pored over the ingredient lists. We taste-tested like wild. And after we brushed the crumbs from our laps, we declared that these 26 new (and 24 classic) snacks are, in fact, the healthiest options on the market.

What was our methodology?

Well, products that are high in muscle-building protein and gut-filling fiber while also being low in calories and added sugar won out. We prized whole foods that carry heart-healthy fat and/or disease-fighting antioxidants. Short ingredient lists, organic ingredients, and sustainability were other deciding factors. And, of course, if a product checked all those boxes but tasted like disappointment, it didn’t make the cut.

Here’s are the 50 best snacks for men 2022.