Here’s where the next three decades(!) of U.S. Opens will be played

Here’s where the next three decades(!) of U.S. Opens will be played


Los Angeles Country Club will host the U.S. Open in 2023.

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The U.S. Open is regarded as the year’s premier major championship, and boasts a list of future venues to match its lofty distinction.

Pinehurst No. 2, Oakmont Country Club and Pebble Beach Golf Links feature prominently in the championship’s future schedule, as all three courses were recently named as anchor sites for the U.S. Open going forward.

Starting with 2024, Pinehurst makes an appearance on the schedule every five or six years, as does Pebble Beach, which last hosted the U.S. Open in 2019 and will host again in 2027. Oakmont returns to the schedule in 2025, and hosts slightly less frequently than the other anchors, at a clip of every seven or eight years.

Thanks to the USGA’s commitment to pre-planning, we have venues set for the U.S. Open all the way out to 2051, with only 11 spots that remain to be determined in the next 29 years.

The first availability for a hopeful host course is 2028, which the USGA will likely make an announcement about soon. In the meantime, you can check out the complete list of future U.S. Open venues below.

Future U.S. Open venues, 2023-2051

2023: Los Angeles Country Club (North Course)

2024: Pinehurst (No. 2)

2025: Oakmont Country Club

2026: Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

2027: Pebble Beach Golf Links

2028: TBD

2029: Pinehurst (No. 2)

2030: Merion Golf Club

2031: TBD

2032: Pebble Beach Golf Links

2033: Oakmont Country Club

2034: Oakland Hills Country Club (South Course)

2035: Pinehurst (No. 2)

2036: TBD

2037: Pebble Beach Golf Links

2038: TBD

2039: TBD

2040: TBD

2041: Pinehurst (No. 2)

2042: Oakmont Country Club

2043: TBD

2044: Pebble Beach Golf Links

2045: TBD

2046: TBD

2047: Pinehurst (No. 2)

2048: TBD

2049: Oakmont Country Club

2050: TBD

2051: Oakland Hills Country Club (South Course)

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