Heritage Eats

Our journey home

To say Heritage Eats has been an amazing journey is an understatement. It literally began on an adventure!

After a worldwide trip in 2014, we were inspired by all of the homes, families, and meals we experienced along the way. Rice dishes, bao buns, local spices. The idea for Heritage Eats was born—a single place in Napa that brings together flavors from around the globe.

In 2015 we launched, and as wine country warmly welcomed us into their community, we became inspired by the place we call home—Napa! We introduced more items that reflected our Northern California neighborhood—burgers, tacos, and of course, our infamous DiRtY fries—and blended them with our global flavors. The result: delicious twists on your favorite comfort foods.

And of course, in 2020, our journey experienced the ultimate road bump with the COVID pandemic, but—thanks to you, our Napa community—it wasn’t the end. We made our food more accessible, keeping it affordable and still delicious even when delivered all the way to your home table.

It’s been an amazing journey—from across the world to Napa, and then into your home—and we can’t wait to continue it together!

Ben & Ali