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FAQ’s and Helpful Info from Urban Wood Goods

What kind of lumber do you use?

Unless otherwise specified, all lumber is reclaimed and known as “Old Growth” lumber that is typically Douglas Fir. Old Growth is 100-200 years old. This wood has character and we do not use a 4-sided planer or mill the wood to remove the original salvaged patina on the wood and make the surface look perfect and square on all edges. Your furniture may have nail holes, and natural curves in the wood. It may have nicks and dents and texture. We sand the wood very nicely and try to maintain the original aged aesthetic as much as possible while still maintaining a functional smooth writing, dining, or seating surface. There may be splitting and checking in the lumber that doesn’t reduce its strength or longevity. What we are saying is that this wood has some character and soul to it. If you aren’t positive that is your style and/or you are looking for a very modern, highly finished, milled perfectly squared surface you may be at the wrong place. Additionally, there is sometimes variation in the color of the boards and some are lighter or a bit darker. All pieces are unique and may vary slightly in character and color from the exact pieces on our website. We give ourselves up to an inch in any direction for the construction of all pieces

What are your lead times?

The typical lead time for benches, stools and console tables is 1-2 weeks and all desks, dining tables and other larger items and custom orders it is 3-4 weeks. This means your furniture typically ships out within this time frame. Time in transit varies but its typically 2-3 business days to the East coast ,4 business days to the west, and 1-2 days in transit in the Midwest. We offer local local Chicago delivery and set up of tables, desks etc for a 50-100.00 fee depending on the order. If you need furniture by a certain date, please submit a request prior to purchasing. We do our best to accommodate but do not make any guarantees.


Each piece of furniture typically requires very light and easy assembly that is much easier and quicker if you have an electric or cordless screwdriver/gun. All required hardware comes with your table and all holes are pre-drilled. The wood tops come unattached to the table base for ease of shipping and to minimize any shipping issues. They are very easy to attach. Stools with backs will require a wrench as is noted on the included instructions.

If you are having a problem installing locker baskets or drawers, please look at your directions closely and or copy and paste this video into your browser: http://tinyurl.com/lockerbasket. If you lost your instructions or they were missing please email us and we will send you directions.

Who does Urban Wood Goods sell to?

We currently do not sell through retail outlets. We sell direct to home and business owners, interior designers, architects, restaurants, and for other commercial projects.
We sometimes offer discounts on quantities. Inquire for more info.

How is the wood finished?

Many of the photos in our shop represent the wood in it’s salvaged, unsealed natural state. We also offer a view of swatches of our various finishes in many of our table and desk listings.

Benches, media stands, console tables and wine racks are usually sold as natural , unsealed but we include with your purchase a 2 oz jar of Swilley’s Beeswax based all natural wood rub as an option if you choose to add it to your piece. It’s a very simple wood conditioner/rub on wax that easily rubs on should you choose to use it . We recommend you test it first on the underside of your piece to be sure you like it. It slightly darkens the wood while offering some stain and moisture protection and often makes the grains “pop” beautifully adding a richness to your piece. Swilley’s contains trace amounts of Almond oil. If you order larger pieces we send you a a couple of small jars of Swilley’s at no charge or you may purchase additional jars in our Etsy shop.
If you would like a clear coat satin finish to offer a “no/low maintenance solution we can apply this to desks or tables which also offers a beautiful finish that is slightly darker than the natural wood. If you are ordering a dining table, we will also apply it to your matching bench(es) if you have ordered them. This sealant is also included with the walnut and antique finish as well.

What care or maintenance is needed for the steel furniture legs of my piece?

Standard pipe legs and hairpin legs on all pieces are made of raw steel which we spray with a clear coat for rust prevention. This clear coat will keep the legs free from rust in an indoor environment. If you plan to use your bench outdoors please let us know so that we can possibly recommend stainless steel legs.

Are the legs on the Hairpin legs benches or other types sturdy enough to support large amounts of weight?

Yes and they have sturdy metal baseplates that make the legs easy to attach to the wood.

Does furniture ship assembled?

No. Most pieces ship in one box and are marked for easy assembled within minutes. An electric or cordless screwdriver is recommended. Even desks and tables are easily assembled some adjustments on legs might be necessary to level to your specific space.

Do you ship outside the US?

We currently only ship to the US and Canada but we do not cover duty or taxes to import the goods, that responsibility is on the buyer. Please email us before you place your order if you are outside the continental 48 states. We will get you a shipping quote first.

Do you offer local Chicago delivery or pick-up?
Our workshop where we build all products is located 45 minutes north of the city. If you want to save on shipping, you may schedule a time to pickup at our workshop in Gurnee (not available for pick-up from our Chicago Studio) and we will refund your shipping charge. Local delivery and set-up available for around 100.00-200.00.

May I use my furniture outside?

We offer a special finish for outdoor seating and dining if you are looking to keep your furniture outside. We require you to let us know this in advance. It is an additional charge.