History – Motherson Group

By 1999, we were growing steadily and strongly. But we were still operating only in India. We opened our first overseas office in Europe, but the real breakthrough came in 2002.

A customer asked us to look at taking over a bankrupt supplier. In the end, we couldn’t save the company, so we bought the plant. And shipped 3500 miles from Dublin to Sharjah in the UAE. In just 10 weeks, we moved and installed over 500 tons of equipment — and the customers’ assembly lines never stopped. We could now supply to customers in Europe in one-third of the time.

This was the acquisition of Wexford Electronics in Ireland and this was our first in our string of acquisitions to follow later. Between 2002 to 2007 there were six acquisitions, of which five were from Europe. In this period Motherson expanded to ten more countries- Singapore, Mauritius, Ireland, Sri Lanka, UK, USA, Sharjah, Germany, Czech Republic.