Holiday decorators for restaurants – Christmas Brothers


A very popular and effective starting point to lighting up restaurants at Christmas is to run bulbs around rooflines. This creates a stunning effect for your building. You could choose some festive greens, reds, wintry whites, or your own brand color. We have stockings full of choices! 

Stand out and really make a statement by adding mini lights and our ‘sphere’ lights to your shrubs, trees, parking lot railings, fences, and anywhere else you dare to go. A mixture of lighting sizes can really pack a punch. This is not the time of year to be timid!  

If you have the space for a Christmas tree outside your building, you will create a dazzling atmosphere and evoke the Christmas spirit in your customers. We can decorate your tree with lighting and ornaments that suit your restaurant’s style and color scheme. 

Wreaths on doors or in front windows provide a lovely, warm welcome. Your wreath can have a simple bow or be professionally decorated. For external areas that are a little more difficult to decorate, we highly recommend uplighting and wash lighting, which add a splash of color easily and with dramatic effect. 

Then, when your diners enter your restaurant, you can welcome them in with holiday lighting wrapped around pillars, around booths, and draped tastefully but cheerfully around artwork and menus on the walls. 

For the cherry on top, how about a gorgeous Christmas tree inside your restaurant too? Your customers will want to cozy up and stay for second helpings, with a festive atmosphere to cheer them as they tuck in to your yummy food.