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Fassbier – Draft Beer

Draft Sizes: 0.3 Liter $4, 0.5 Liter $6, 1 Liter $11.

Das Boot

The tradition began in the 1800s, when a German military officer promised his troops he would drink beer from a boot if they were successful in battle. His soldiers won the battle, so as promised the officer arranged for a victory dinner and had a glass boot made for the occasion. The soldiers reveled in their victory by chugging from this infamous glass boot. Drinking from das Boot has evolved into a tradition enjoyed by many. Drinking das Boot is about sharing the joy of life among friends. Customarily, the person who fails to finish the boot pays for the beer. Das Boot Haus Rules 1. There must be at least 4 friends for the 2 Liter Boot or 5 friends for the 3 Liter Boot. 2. Das Boot should never touch the table – it's considered BAD LUCK. 3. Please do not toast das Boot with another glass – they are very fragile. 4. Most importantly, always point the toe towards heaven! Just remember the whole point of das Boot is to celebrate responsibly with friends and have fun, not to make a fool. Prosit! (choose from any of our draft beers or non-alcoholic selections)

  • 2 Liter


  • 3 Liter


Bitburger Pils

This light pilsner with a hoppy aroma and a dry crisp finish is the number one selling beer in Germany. Bitburger is Theo's favorite beer. On a hot day in Germany, it is common to enjoy a Radler – here in sunny Florida we carry on this beer spritzer tradition with our own mix of 2/3 Bitburger, 1/3 lemon-lime soda and a splash of sour mix.

Tucher Hefeweizen

This light-colored wheat ale is a delight on any day. The special blend of 40% wheat and 60% barley plus the unique yeast strain gives it the taste and body it's known for. If you want to turn this drink up a notch, enjoy our HDO (High-Definition Orange) Tucher Hefeweizen with Bacardi O Rum (add $3).

Franziskaner Hefe Dunkel

A top-fermented beer noted for its agreeable carbonation levels and zesty wheat flavor. It gets its sweeter finish and dark color because the barley is lightly-roasted.

Spaten Oktoberfest

Since 1950, the mayor of Munich has marked the official beginning of Oktoberfest in the Schottenhamel beer tent each year by tapping the first keg of Spaten Oktoberfest beer. The hops presence of this amber lager hits at the beginning and end, but is subdued by the rich, full-bodied malty profile this beer is famous for.

Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen

The Schöfferhofer brewery in Frankfurt brings us this sparkling, crisp mixture of wheat beer and grapefruit soda an innovation in pure refreshment. It's our lightest draft selection at just 2.5% ABV, but you can give it a turbo kick with a Schuss of Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka or Bacardi Dragonberry Rum (add $3).

Hacker-Pschorr Munich Gold Lager

A timeless gem! Intensive golden yellow in color with a full-bodied and mild taste. A real treat for true beer connoisseurs.

Kostritzer Schwarzbier

This black lager has smooth flavors because of the roasted and romatic malts used in brewing that tend to offer hints of chocolate and roasted malts. Don't fear the Dark!

Seasonal Selection

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