Ethiopian cuisine

Ethiopian dining is a communal experience, perfect for groups. We serve the dishes on a single platter, on top of a large piece of flat bread called injera. Injera is like a crepe with a spongy texture made from a fermented teff batter. Teff is a healthy grain that is high in protein, iron and fiber.

We offer beef, lamb and chicken dishes, though Ethiopian cooking offers many vegetarian and vegan options. Eating the dishes involves tearing off a piece of the injera and wrapping it around a piece of the stew-like dish. Good etiquette is using only one hand for eating and avoiding touching your fingers to your mouth.

Ethiopian dishes use many exotic spice blends. Berberé, a spice mix made from matured red chili pepper and other exotic spices, can range from mild to hot. Niter kibbeh is clarified butter infused with different spices. Alicha indicates a mild stew. We’t is a spicy stew infused with berberé.